Use Less Paper?

An interesting article by the New York Times (I originally found a link via Lifehacker) about people using less paper and some working to remove paper completely from their homes.

It reminds of the work related topic of when people said we would all have paperless offices? Now everyone laughs at that. Some say their office actually has more. For most I think it has changed though and we don’t realise.

I know I am now writing about work and not personally life as the article was about. However both are interesting topics.

For myself personally things have changed work wise. I use a scanner, have a local wiki install, a CRM (database), don’t use faxes anymore. I have few computer books now, instead preferring to google answers and research that way. I’ve stopped buying computer magazines.

So could I do more in my work life and personal life to reduce paper? Yes. Obviously changes often happen because with the data becoming digital then it is easier to adapter, share and access. Open source tools make this easier also.


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