Amazon Kindle Fire HD Registration Error Message

This blog post is about the ‘Registration Error’ message, when trying to register an Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet.


This is going to be a short blog post based upon my experiencing of using an old Amazon tablet that was purchased second-hand. I’m not stating that my suggested solutions cover all possible solutions for the issue, but I hope somebody finds my post helpful.

The error message

A photo of an Amazon Kindle Fire HD registration rrror message.

“Registration Error

The information you entered does not match an Amazon account. Please try again. For help, visit”

Possible solutions:

  1. The Kindle Fire hasn’t been deregistered from a different Amazon account to the one being used to try and register with.
  2. The time and date is incorrect.
  3. The Kindle Fire isn’t running the latest OS release available for it.

There are a lot of different Kindle Fire models being sold second-hand and it isn’t unusual for people not to deregister a tablet from their account. If possible try and ask the previous owner to check whether the tablet is assigned to their account and if so, to deregister it.

For checking the time, date and whether the latest OS is being used, you can come out of the registration process, then go to the settings and check.

Final thoughts

I hope you’ve find my suggestions helpful. I’m seeing more issues now, not just Amazon related of tablets and phones not being unassigned from a person’s account. Sometimes it could be due to a death, but often it is just somebody not going to the effort to remove the restriction.

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