WPA-PSK on Windows 98 SE

Every so often I hear that WPA-PSK isn’t possible directly on Windows 98. Actually that isn’t strictly true. Sometimes you can be fortunate and have WPA-PSK working with your wifi (wireless) adapter on Windows 98 SE.

Also you can connect a wireless router via a network cable and use the router in client mode to perform wpa instead and connect to the wireless access point.

Now I am not actually sure why people are still running Windows 98 SE. There are many good reasons to use Linux or another upgrade route. However some people still are in 2008, no matter what you hear some people say.

So how can you use WPA on Windows 98 SE?

– Upgrade your wireless adapter driver to the latest version you can find. Check whether there is a WPA option. Even if not….

– Use the free McAfee software to handle the WPA part and see it works.

It is a bit hit or miss. For instance on a laptop a while back it didn’t work with the inbuilt wifi and McAfee software, but with a Wanadoo (Orange) usb adapter it did with the McAfee software.

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