Star Trek Legacy on Windows 10

This 2020 blog post is about installing and playing Star Trek Legacy on Windows 10.

Warning: You obtain and use any files at your own risk. 

Star Trek Legacy

How to install Star Trek Legacy on Windows 10:

  1. Run ‘setup’ on the disc.
  2. Select ‘Cancel’ to not install DirectX.
  3. Download and install the v1.032 patch.

The computer I’m using
This game is old, but I thought I would provide some details about the PC I’m using to play Star Trek Legacy. I’m using a 2.66GHz Core 2 Quad CPU, with 8GB DDR2 RAM and a NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 graphics card. The game has been installed onto a SSD. The PC isn’t that good, but I’ve played some skirmish games without issue.Star Trek Legacy PC gameplay

Unfortunately multiplayer doesn’t work, but skirmish and campaign does on Windows 10.'Star Trek Legacy Unhandled Exception' error message

You can change the resolution from within the game. i.e. 1920×1080.

Star Trek Legacy menu

You’re able to play the game without the disc being in the drive.

Star Trek Legacy keyboard keys

ESC = pause

Q = Warp
– & + = Throttle
Backspace = All ahead / All stop
W, A, S, D = Down, left, up and right
Arrows = Camera movement
CTRL = Fire
ALT = Fire
Shift = Sub systems target
Space = Target (Hold for list)
T = Sub systems target
F = Target / Radial menu

E = Energy
R = Repair
Z = Long range sensors
x = Cloak

1-4 = Ship selection
5 = All ships
Tab = Map

C = Chat
V = Self destruct
B = Score Board

How I uninstalled Star Trek Legacy
I could see a listing for the game in Windows 10’s ‘Apps & features’ section. Instead I used Ccleaner to uninstall the patch and then the game.Uninstall Star Trek Legacy

So as you’ve likely guessed I’ve uninstalled the game, but I’m thinking about setting up another PC with an older version of Windows and installing it on that computer instead to see if I can use multiplayer. I don’t want to try and play the game using a virtual machine.

I think at some stage this year I will again reinstall the game and play it a bit more whether using Windows 10 or an older version of the operating system.

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1 year ago

How did you fix the error “Unhandled Exception”
Access Violation?