Mobile Phones

This blog post is about the mobile phones I’ve used.

Below you will find basic details with links to my more detailed blog posts about individual phones.

A photo of a Motorola RAZR V3i mobile phone.

Last updated: 14th April 2022


At this stage I feel like I should be a spy as I feel I have an impressive collection of ‘burner’ phones! Alas I’m just somebody that likes playing around with technology and then blogging about it.

The reason for this blog post is to provide an easy way to navigate my phone posts, but also to cover in detail some of my favourites and to keep a record of the phones I’ve used.

Sometimes I use one of my old phones as I’ve kept many of them. I’ve not put together a complete record of phones I’ve owned. I think I first owned a phone in 1997, but this post does mention a Nokia 3310 released in 2000 and a Motorola RAZR V3i released in 2004.

As I sort through my old phones I will update this post and sometimes place links to blog posts I’ve created about them here on 8Bit Mammoth. The posts could cover custom ROMs, unlocking, reviews and more. Also I will occasionally update this blog post about my favourite phone I’ve been using.

Phones I’ve used:

Favourite phone during 2021

Without a doubt it is the Samsung Galaxy S5 G900F and G900T phones. Both my partner and I have used these two variants of the S5 model running the custom ROM LineageOS for quite a while.

The removable battery, 16MP rear camera and quad-core CPU have meant it has been on various trips with us, used for photography, recording videos, listening to podcasts and as an alarm clock!

I’ve even purchased addition G900F phones for projects, fitted a QI cover for wireless charging and used with a dock using DisplayLink technology. Due to the battery being able to replace, I’ve changed batteries a few times and that has made a huge difference.

My favourite phone used to be the HTC Desire S Saga, but at the time of writing the G900T is my favourite phone that I’ve ever owned.

Favourite phones pre-2021

I’ve used a lot of phones over the years, but two that stand out are the HTC Desire S Saga and Galaxy Mini GT-S5570! Both were not great performance phones back in the day and have weathered badly since, but I really liked them.

I purchased both those phones cheaply second-hand and for the prices I paid I believe I got great value for money. Even in early 2022 I had a Mini running a stock ROM that I used for listening to FM Radio whilst walking around, which was something my G900T couldn’t do!

The Desire S Saga feels heavy, but I think is well built and I like the audio quality. I used a custom ROM on it and it just worked for my needs.

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