What is 8Bit Mammoth?

8Bit Mammoth is a personal hobby and tech blog run by Andrew, a chap living in the UK. This blog was created in 2013, but has content dating back to 2008 and rather than following trends, I write about what interests me or what I’ve recently been doing.

Often my blog posts are budget related and I’m looking at how to extend the life of devices. I have a technical support background and I do like to write ‘how to’ content or blog about solutions to problems I have experienced.

This blog receives visitors from all around the world and I enjoy helping people. I provide an honest opinion and I’m not trying to impress people. This UK tech blog might be old, but I have no plans to stop blogging.

Okay, why is it called ‘8Bit Mammoth’?

The 8Bit is a nod to the past and love for tech. I know there should be a hyphen after the eight, but I didn’t want to use it. The mammoth was originally chosen due to my interest in the extinct woolly mammoth, but also refers to some of the massive and detailed blog posts I write.

Does 8Bit Mammoth accept guest posts?

I’ve decided for the time being not to accept guest posts. This is because often the content quality is lacking, and other issues can occur. At the moment, I would rather spend that time and energy on my own interests, rather than checking links, credits, copy and so on. Perhaps one day I will change my view.