What is 8Bit Mammoth?

8Bit Mammoth is a personal hobby and tech blog run by Andrew, a chap living in the UK. This blog has content dating back to 2008 and rather than following trends, I write about what interests me or what I’ve recently been doing.

Okay, why is it called ‘8Bit Mammoth’?

The 8Bit is a nod to the past and love for tech. I know there should be a hyphen after the eight, but I didn’t want to use it. The mammoth was originally chosen due to my interest in the extinct woolly mammoth, but also refers to some of the massive and detailed blog posts I write.

Does 8Bit Mammoth accept guest posts?

I will only consider guest posts that are great reads. No short articles that add little value and don’t fit with the blog, and no duplicate content. I demand articles extraordinaire!

Content must have at least a couple of unique images never used before, that can be used without fear of copyright or legal woes and include details of license and creator/photographer. Plus the blog post will be published with your full real name. Want to take on this challenge? Get in touch!