Driftland: The Magic Revival Multiplayer Not Working (Solved)

This blog post provides a solution to when multiplayer doesn’t work in the Driftland: The Magic Revival game running via Steam.

Please note: This solution that worked for me is for two people that know each other using Steam.

A screenshot from the Driftland: The Magic Revival game.


My fiancée and I both purchased this multiplayer game via a Fanatical bundle and then added our Steam keys to our Steam accounts.

When we ran into the multiplayer problem we looked at our firewalls, but the issue wasn’t with our firewall settings. Thankfully for our scenario the solution was straightforward and we quickly were playing the game.

My fiancée and I have played the game once so far. We both played humans on the same team against two computer opponents set to human on another team. I wasn’t that good at the game, but I found it fun to play and absorbing. We spent a few hours playing the game and we think it was worth the cheap price we paid.

I hope you find this blog post helpful.

Multiplayer not working problem (Solved)

When we initially tried to host and then join a co-op game, we thought the multiplayer wasn’t working, but it turns out for us at least the solution was simple.

We did the following:

  1. Only the person hosting loaded the game with the second person also running the Steam client. Then in the game the host went to ‘Multiplayer Play with friends’, selected ‘Host’, then the required map options and ‘Host’ again.
  2. Then at the screen were you can see AI/Player and other options, the host pressed the shift and tab keys to bring up the Steam chat options.
  3. The host then selected the drop down options next to the friend’s name and clicked on ‘Invite to Play’.
  4. The friend then accepted the invite, which loaded the game and they appeared as a player in the game’s multiplayer setup screen, where they could change a name, select their profile image, colour, team, race and select ‘Ready’ when wishing to proceed.
  5. The host then pressed shift and tab again to close the Steam chat overlay.
  6. The host then configured the desired options in the game and also selected ‘Ready’ to start the gameplay.

An edited screenshot from the invite to play option in Steam.

We found it was important that only one of us was running the game to begin with, but both using the Steam client. We found that if both of us were already running the game, the invite via Steam didn’t work.

Final thoughts

I’m looking forward to playing more of this game mainly with my partner and also maybe with a friend. I enjoy co-op games and I’m glad I discovered this game.

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