Blue Screen of Death sisgrv.dll

Fixed an issue on a Packard Bell laptop earlier: Blue Screen of Death, sisgrv.dll being reported as the issue.

Sisgrv is a SiS graphics adapter driver file. If you’ve got a backup of your data (make sure you do this urgently if not), but you still need to boot into Windows 2000 or XP, without being in a safe mode….

1) Boot into safe mode.

2) From the start menu right click on ‘My Computer’.

3) Select ‘Hardware’ and then ‘Device Manager’.

4) From Display adapters, uninstall your graphics adapter.

5) Reboot your computer and it will then reinstall the driver and not BsoD if you are lucky, but might happen soon if you don’t take further action.

Can’t quite remember if you can access device manager the same way under Windows 2000. However you can find device manager, by opening control panel, then ‘system’ and selecting the ‘hardware’ tab. Also the same way in Windows XP if you are in classic mode.

Obviously I recommend you run a scandisk (chkdsk) on your hard drive. Plus take this opportunity to upgrade your graphic drivers also.

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