Samsung UE50HU6900 50” TV Instructions (Update Smart Hub | Screen Mirroring | Wireless Network)

These are Samsung UE50HU6900 50” TV instruction covering the smart hub update, screen mirroring and connecting to a wireless network.

Please note: I’m hoping I’ve mentioned the correct television model and that the instructions are okay. Please understand there could be errors in my instructions, which I will explain in the introduction.


I was looking through an old notebook and found some drafts notes I had written whilst updating my parents TV some years ago. I had completely forgotten I had made these notes and before getting rid of the written paper version, I thought I would type them up and publish on my 8Bit Mammoth blog.

As there has been considerable time since my notes and publication, there could be some errors as it’s no longer fresh in my memory. Please forgive any errors and I hope you find this info helpful.

How to update the Samsung Smart Hub on a Samsung UE50HU6900 TV

  1. Press ‘menu’ on the remote.
  2. Scroll to support using arrow buttons on remote control, then once on ‘support’, press right arrow button to show the sub-menu.
  3. Scroll to ‘Software Update’ and press the return button.
  4. Press enter button on ‘Update now’ to check for a new update.

How to connect the Samsung UE50HU6900 TV to a wireless network

  1. Press menu and scroll down and then select ‘Network’ and press the return button on the remote.
  2. Select ‘Network Settings’.
  3. Then via ‘Network Type’, press enter to choose between ‘Wireless’ and ‘Wired’.
  4. Select ‘Wireless’.
  5. Find your preferred Wi-Fi network and press the return button on the remote to select it.
  6. Enter your password and then select ‘Done’ and ‘OK’ when ready.

On the television I think there was also an ethernet port which in the past my parents used to link to a power line adapter. However instead later on we decided to use the in-built wireless adapter instead.

How to use the display mirroring on the Samsung UE50HU6900 TV

  1. On the Samsung remote click the ‘Source’ button and then select ‘Screen Mirroring’.
  2. If you’ve got a compatible android device, find the mirroring option and select the Samsung TV.

I remember briefly doing this with a tablet and I could be wrong, but I think there was a lag between what I did on the tablet and saw on the screen.

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