Wireless (wifi) Setup and Security Tips for Home Users and Small Businesses

Here are some useful WIFI security and general tips ( 802.11b & 802.11g ) for your home or small business network.

Your access point security

1. WEP security is outdated. Use WPA or WPA2.

2. Change your default SSID name on your access point to one that isn’t a word, a name or a place. Make it more than eight characters and contain numbers and upper and lowercase characters.

3. Turn your SSID broadcast off.

4. Configure the access point to only accept mac addresses of trusted machines.

5. Change the password to one that is more than eight characters in length or upper and lowercases and include numbers.

6. If using the wireless in a small area, reduce the transmit rate.

7. Move the access point away from walls and windows.

8. Check that your access point firewall is turned on.

9.Change the wireless routers default username and password.

Your Access Point connectivity

1.Check what channels local networks are using and move your network to another channel that is free for better connectivity.

2. Have the access point off the ground for better reception by your client machines.

For your client machines

1. Configure them to only connect to Access Points.

2. Configure your client not to connect to any available network.

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