Make better use of your current digital camera

Many people think about buying a new digital camera, but have you been getting the most out of your current one? First step is to…. dare I say it… read the manual! This will help you become better informed about your camera. For instance you might not know your way around the camera settings and discover features you didn’t know about.

I’ve learnt how to take better photos with the various settings the camera offers. Spend time experimenting and researching the internet to find tips on the features and how others get great results with their digital cameras.

This has made a huge difference to the quality of my photos. I still have a long way to go though, but now know I am far from ready for a different camera.

Once you have taken the photo….

You also might not be aware of some of the things you can do with your photos such as stitching photographs to make panorama’s and even convert into 3d (qtvr). There are some great sites with tips and sometimes manufacturers include panorama software on the cd’s accompanying the camera.

Also by using excellent software such as paint shop pro I’ve been able to correct mistakes I made on earlier photos or improve them, such as the contrast of the image.

Turns out I can record short videos with my camera also, not bad quality either considering.

Panorama, QTVR Related link:

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