Lovefilm or Netflix UK?

This blog post is my review of the Lovefilm and Netflix UK internet movie and tv streaming services.


When reading this review, please presume I am referring to the UK version of the Netflix service or the ‘with package’ version of Lovefilm ‘Instant’.

Please forgive the disorder of the review, as I don’t have much spare time today, but wanted to quickly share my thoughts on both these UK services.

I’m no longer subscribed!

Straight away I’m going to tell you I’m currently not subscribed to either service right now! This isn’t because I didn’t like them, but because I’ve found I don’t have enough time to use the services at the moment, so I unsubscribed.

I was subscribed to Netflix for a few months, and then subscribed to Lovefilm for a month. Though I realised for the summer I didn’t want the services as Freeview has the Euro2012 football and Olympics, which coupled with other Freeview tv shows and movies, meant there was not enough time for Lovefilm or Netflix UK.

Netflix UK via a web browser

Netflix UK via a web browser

I found that Netflix is superior for tv shows, but Lovefilm is currently winning the movie war, though Lovefilm does also have a selection of tv shows.

Netflix UK video player

Netflix UK video player

I preferred the Netflix layout and video player, but found it far easier to discover the latest movie or tv additions on Lovefilm.

Being able to binge watch a TV show

What I liked about both services was I got the option to watch a whole series of tv shows I liked, without having to buy the box sets. I enjoyed watching a couple of tv series of ‘Warehouse 13’ on Netflix UK, and watched a bit of ‘Human Planet’ on Lovefilm. I even discovered the ‘Venture Bros’ animated tv series on Lovefilm, but alas I had brought all the current series at Christmas via Amazon and Apple!!

I was disappointed with Lovefilm though at one stage, as I was watching some DC animated movies, that then suddenly they all disappeared! I was pretty gutted as I had been looking forward to those.

So whilst both services have a lot of movies, many are awful, but hidden amongst those are some gems. Lovefilm definitely was superior in my opinion and I watched some good movies such as Kick-Ass, ‘R.E.D.’, Zombieland and Source Code on Lovefilm. Whilst previously on NetFlix my favourite movie had been ‘Angels and Demons’. Though what rates as a good movie to me, probably is different for you. Indeed there were a few movies that we didn’t enjoy and just stopped watching, without feeling we had wasted money.

So my thoughts are, if you are mainly a movie fan, then Lovefilm is probably for you. If you want a bit more of a mix of tv and movies, then Netflix possibly could be for you. Lovefilm makes it easy for you to view their current line-up without being subscribed, so if you are considering Lovefilm, take a look at their ‘current’ selections.

I’m of the opinion that whilst both services have content for children, I think it is lacking currently and you shouldn’t buy either if the main watcher is a child.


Now I’m fairly sure this review will become outdated pretty quickly, as both services continue to evolve and update their services. I might go back to one of these services in the future, but will check their Facebook pages before I do. I’m hopefully both services will be even better a year or two from now. I do think both the Lovefilm ‘Instant Package’ and Netflix are good value for money for an adult, if you like to watch ‘mainstream content’, as long as you are not expecting the latest movies or tv shows, plus you don’t intend to watch too much, as you will run out of things you find interesting.

So to answer the question ‘Lovefilm or Netflix?’, for me the answer is neither currently, but I might subscribe again one day.

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