To dock or not to dock, that is the question

I’ve had a old docking station lying around for my laptop for ages, but never got round to using it until last week. Why did I take so long?!

The benefits thus far:

– Running a vga cable to the 2nd input port on my desktop monitor for a bigger display when at my desk. Can use the laptop with the laptop screen closed. Plus the desktop monitor is higher and better for posture.

– Additional usb ports so that I can plug a mouse and keyboard in at the same time. Guess I could use a KVM also with the docking station if I wanted to share the desktop machine keyboard and mouse also.

– An additional network adapter that has a cable always running into a wireless router. So no cables lying around the desk.

– Plus when not in use it charges up the batteries and I am not crawling under the desk anymore to plug the power adapter into a spare socket.

It really doesn’t look like many benefits does it? It is making a difference though. It is easier for design work,  easier to use and more flexible. Plus the docking station was a bargain on ebay. I think I paid around five pounds gbp (not incl. P&P), bargain!

Also a neat feature that I have not used properly yet is the undock feature on Windows XP. I just select undock and when prompted can undock the laptop without a reboot and just use the laptop’s mouse, keyboard and screen. Ideal for when deciding to work elsewhere in the building.

It is little changes that really can make the difference when working. Also bringing new life to older equipment.

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