D-Link (dlink) AirPlus Xtreme G DWL-G520 Adapter

So it was time to install an old dlink PCI adapter into the computer. I had drivers from 2003, but discovered the wireless adapter was also a Atheros Wireless Network Adapter AR5001.

How did I do this? One of the driver files supplied by dlink for the card had a inf file called net5211.inf. I typed that into a search engine and did some research and discovered the same file but when opened in notepad mentions another name for the card. This led me to discover new updated drivers from late 2006 supplied elsewhere.

I also don’t bother running the third party software supplied with the driver, instead using Microsoft’s wireless functionality. Especially don’t run Microsoft’s zero config software and have the third party software running at the same time.

Obviously you do this at your own risk and yet again I hope this helps someone update or find a driver.

I really should run a wiki or other site for such information, but hope people don’t mind it being in my blog.

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