Everybody’s gone surfing, Surfing Wifi

This is going to sound like a Blue Peter project….

Heres one I made earlier. 🙂

wifi windsurfer

It looks bad doesn’t it, bit of a laughing matter? Well it increased my wifi signal and could increase yours possibly from 5% – 20%. It costs nothing, yet performs like a £30 antenna would. So who cares how it looks!

So how did I make it?

1) I downloaded the template from the site linked below and printed it.

2) I glued it to cardboard from a cereal box.

3) On the other side of the cereal box I glued some cheap tin foil.

4) I cut out and then sellotaped it to together.

Obviously you do this project at your own risk, so don’t blame me for any problems. I’ve been using my windsurfer antenna for months now and not only did it boast the signal, but also I am able to get a more steady signal with its help.

link to template: http://www.freeantennas.com/projects/template2/index.html

The WindSurfers have made a serious improvement to my wifi connection.

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