Star Trek: Starfleet Command Volume II – Empires at War on Windows 10

This 2020 blog post tells you how to install Star Trek: Starfleet Command Volume II – Empires at War on Windows 10.

Warning: You use any files and modify your PC at your own risk!

Please note: I’m using the 2 CD version of the game.

Star Trek: Starfleet Command Vol II Empires at War gameplay

In July 2020 I decided to install this 2000 game on my Windows 10 Pro 64-bit PC. The computer is using a Q9400 quad core CPU and 8GB DDR2 RAM, so is more than capable of coping with this very old Star Trek game.

The installation instructions below presume you’ve installed to the default directory.

How to install the game:

  1. From disc one run the setup application. *
  2. Insert disc two when required.
  3. If DirectPlay isn’t installed, agree to install the Windows feature.
  4. Click ‘No’ to installing DirectX 7.0a.
  5. From Moddb download the v2.0.3.6 patch.
  6. In your Windows directory rename IsUninst.exe to IsUninstOLD. **
  7. Run the patch setup program for the game. ***
  8. Don’t do anything until you see ‘Press any key to continue…’.
  9. From the \\Program Files (x86)\Taldren\Starfleet Command II\ directory, right click on the StarFleet2 application and select ‘Properties’.
  10. From the ‘Compatibility’ tab, select ‘Windows 98 / Windows ME’, ‘Disable fullscreen optimizations’ and ‘Run the program as an administrator’.Game compatibility options
  11. Then select ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’.

* It took quite a while for the setup files on disc one to copy across to the PC.
** This is to get around an error message stopping the patch from installing.
*** If you have an issue, you should be able to extract the patch using 7z and then run the patch’s setup application.

How to change the resolution
You run the SDC2Setup application and then you can change the screen resolution, such as choosing 1280×1024.Set the screen resolution for gameStar Trek Starfleet Command Vol II Empires at War gameplay screenshot #2

I’ve played a skirmish and campaign so far and both ran fine. When loading the campaign, I thought it had halted, but pressed a mouse button and it continued.

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Craig Knapp
Craig Knapp
3 years ago

10/03/2020 not having any luck getting Win10 64bit to read CD1 (have both physical dics). I have also downloaded *.ISO/*.IMG files from various sites and using Daemon Tools Professional can mount the images, can run LAUNCH.exe, click INSTALL and nothings happens. I have UAC temporarily turned OFF, and have temporarily disabled my anti-virus software (Kaspersky)…any thoughts?

Last edited 3 years ago by Craig Knapp
3 years ago
Reply to  Andrew

Was facing the same problem when trying to install SFC2. To fix the issue, after you have clicked on Setup.exe, go to Task Manager and click on the on the ‘Details’ tab. Find setup.exe and right click on it and select ‘Analyze wait chain’.

This will show you the program that is blocking the installation from continuing. In my case it was nvcontainer. Just tick the box next to it and press End Process. The installation will then continue.

Last edited 3 years ago by Andy
2 years ago

Hi, I followed the instructions to the letter but the game always crashes when the battles begin. I know the issue is with compatibility but even applying different compatibility versions other than 98 didnt work. The game used to run on win10 with previous mods but it stopped working and i tried to fix it ever since.