Setup Initialization Error 432 (Solved) – Windows 10

This 2020 blog post tells you how to fix the Setup Initialization Error 432 on Windows 10.

Warning: You make any changes to your Windows 10 PC at your risk.

I wanted to install a very old application and saw the error message:

“Setup Initialization Error

Setup has detected that uninstallShield is in use. Please close uninstallShield and restart setup.

Error 432.”

Setup Initialization Error Message

So I looked in task manager for another installation, but couldn’t see anything. What resolved the problem was renaming IsUninst.exe in c:\Windows\ to IsUninstOLD.exe.

Then when I ran the setup application again, I didn’t see the error message and I noticed the IsUninst.exe application reappear, next to the renamed one.

Edited screenshot showing files in a directory

I don’t usually like making modifications to the Windows directory. In my case, I was running a patch for an application from 2000, long before Windows 10 was released.

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3 years ago

i did what you suggested, but the install would still not work; same error