Signing up to the Telephone Preference Service (UK)

This blog post is about signing up to the telephone preference service in the UK.

2021 update: I don’t know whether this old 2012 blog post is still relevant and I’m not providing a recommendation.


Working from home means I have a few contact numbers at home, and whilst I don’t use my personal telephone number for work, I can hear the personal telephone ring everywhere at home numerous times throughout the day. I never answer it during my working day, but the ringing is driving me insane!

So whilst this in-fact a personal blog post, on a work related blog, the problem does impact working from home, so I thought I would write about the issue here. I would also like to point out, businesses can also sign-up to the ‘Telephone Preference Service’ as well!

Half the time the call is either an automated message, else the ringer just hangs up. I already had adjusted my answer machine message to tell cold callers to not call back, and to remove us from their databases, now I’ve decided to sign-up to the ‘Telephone Preference Service‘.

The online process I went through was this:

  1. I selected residential, but you can select different business types.
  2. I typed in the telephone number.
  3. I typed in my postcode and then selected my address.
  4. I then selected the reason for registering, which in my case was ‘To stop unwated telephone marketing calls’.
  5. I selected where I heard about TPS.
  6. I then typed in my email address and my name, which I wasn’t happy about doing. Apparently you can register without an email address via another method, but I just wanted to get the registration process completed.
  7. They then quickly sent me an email, which I clicked a link within the email to confirm the registration.

Now according to the website, I should start to notice a decline in calls, but it will take 28 days for the calls to stop, unless they have my consent.


Frankly I don’t have a clue how effective this is, but if it stops even a few calls, then fantastic!

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