Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 Instructions and Review

Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 instructions and a review.

Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600

Please note: I was able to use the mouse with the Android devices I tested with. However the only computer running Windows 10 I could get the mouse to work with was a Microsoft Surface Laptop 2. I was not able to get the mouse to work with my old Dell Latitude D620 or with two other PCs using old Bluetooth dongles.

A bluetooth mouse can be handy for using with both mobile devices and desktop PCs. Easy to carry and travel about with, but also on the flip side, there are limitations.

For a start, you have to have bluetooth turned on, which I think uses more power. Also a bluetooth mouse can weigh more than a wired mouse. So you need to weigh up the various pros and cons, but for some, it’s a can’t do without situation.

I hope you find my instructions and review helpful.

Instructions for the Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600

The mouse uses a AA battery, which is fitted underneath the mouse upon removing a cover.

underneath Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600

Underneath the Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 with the battery cover removed.

How to turn on and off
Quickly press the button underneath the mouse to turn on and off. A blue light comes on when powered and turns off when shut down.

How to pair the Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600

  1. On a bluetooth enabled device start searching for bluetooth devices.
  2. With the mouse turned on, hold the button until both a blue light underneath and a green light at the rear start flashing.
  3. On the receiver device the mouse should appear and you can select it for pairing.

Devices that I successfully used the mouse with:

  • Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Thor with Fire OS
  • Asus Google Nexus 7 2012 WiFi Grouper with custom ROM AOSP running android 7.1.2
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900T with LineageOS 16.0 android version 9
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F with android version 6.0.1
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 running Windows 10

Issues with other hardware
I have a couple of ancient USB bluetooth dongles that this mouse didn’t work with. Also the mouse didn’t work an old laptop I have that has inbuilt bluetooth. Whilst I could pair the mouse with the Apple iPad 3rd generation Model A1430 MD367B/A running iOS version 9.3.6, I couldn’t get the mouse to actually work with the tablet.

What I like and don’t like about the mouse
I don’t like turning on bluetooth, but this mouse does make life easier for me with a tablet device if the tablet is in a stand and I can place the mouse on a mat at a desk.

The Microsoft mouse buttons feel tougher to click than my old HP mouse and it’s heavier than the rest of the wired mouses I currently use. I definitely wouldn’t use the 3600 for gaming, unless it’s a single player mobile game.

The mouse is easy to put in a backpack, without being worried about wires breaking. At home I’m storing it out of sight when not in use.

The most frustrating thing is that I only could get the mouse to work with one computer using Microsoft Windows 10 and not other computers using Windows 10 that I tried to pair the mouse with.

I wouldn’t advise buying this mouse if you want to use it with Windows 10. This sounds a bit crazy as it’s a Microsoft product and I’m suggesting you don’t buy it for use with a Microsoft OS! For some people their only need to use a bluetooth mouse would be with a Windows 10 PC.

I might use this mouse occasionally with a mobile device running Android. Due to current coronavirus related restrictions in the UK I’m not out and about mobile working currently, but I can imagine in the future using this mouse with a mouse mat in a hotel or at another desk. Having one less cable in a bag sounds good.

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