Anker PowerPort 60 W 6-Port Desktop USB Charger Review

This is a review of the Anker PowerPort 60 W 6-Port desktop USB charger, which I purchased in 2015.

Anker 60W 6-Port Desktop Charger Box

I purchased this device over five years ago and I’m only blogging about it today! My fiancée and I use this charger during the week and sometimes when we travel, we take it with us! I decided it was about time I wrote a review.

Is it worth it?
I know other people that rely on one or two individual chargers and I’m not sure how they cope with their mobile phones and tablets! My fiancée and I keep a few leads near the charger and there never is an issue with prioritising items to be charged, as there are six USB ports, which are more than enough ports for our requirements.Anker 60W 6-Port Desktop Charger and cable

For a while we used to keep the charger in the lounge, but these days it is on a table in the bedroom. We charge Samsung S5 G900F and G900T phones with it, as well as an Apple iPhone 6s.

My fiancée and I charge various old tablets with the charger as well, such as a Nexus 7, iPads and a Kindle Fire HDX, as well as a few old Kindle ereaders.

Travelling with the charger
When we’re visiting family or staying in hotels, we often take the six port charger with us. At the end of a busy day out and about, we will often top up the batteries on our phones with the device. Occasionally we only have access to one power socket, so this device is very handy.

Whilst it can be a problem with placing the Anker charger on a suitable surface, this charge hasn’t let me down since purchasing.

Recently we decided not to take the Anker charger with us on a trip, but instead take two separate single USB chargers in different backpacks. The thinking was that if one backpack was stolen, then we would still have a charger in the other backpack. Extreme or paranoid? Perhaps, but we felt more comfortable not taking the six port charger on that trip.

Do you charger anything else other than phones and tablets with the charger?
Yes, we charge a couple of music players that are charged via USB. Between all our devices, we use three different USB cable types and we purchased these cables separately.

A short review about a product purchased years ago. This product is well built and we’ve kept it in good condition. After all the use over the years, I think it was a great purchase.

I wrote this review as some people might find this old item on eBay, at a car boot sale or elsewhere and I thought a review might be useful for some people.

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