How to Try and Recover Deleted Files on Windows 10 For Free

This blog post is about how to try and recover deleted files on Windows 10 for free using the Undelete 360 software.

Warning: To help maximise your chances of being able to undelete files on a hard drive, you should avoid using that drive for any other activity as well as not installing the Undelete 360 software to that drive or trying to restore files to the same drive.

Please note: This isn’t a sponsored blog post and I’m writing about a piece of software I’ve used for a while. I’m blogging about version of the software. It might not be possible to recover the file(s) you wish to restore and I’m not suggesting you give up if this software doesn’t help you.

I’ve written before about recovering deleted files on a hard drive, but that was ten years ago and I decided to write a new blog post on the topic. Last time I wrote about iCare Data Recovery, and this time I’m writing about the free Undelete 360 software. The software package is small.

April 2021 update: This blog post covers recovering files from hard drives, but I just used the Undelete 360 software to recover files from a SD card that was connected to the PC using a Vinja card reader. I was able to recover some of my old JPG files from a FAT formatted 64GB SD card.

How the software works
The software scans the hard drive(s) for files and for the files it finds, it gives a status, such as ‘overwritten’, ‘very good’ and so on. This helps you judge the chances of a successful restoration.

How to attempt to recover a file on a Windows 10 computer:

  1. Open the Undelete 360 software and select ‘Search’.Search
  2. Select the hard drive(s) you wish to scan and then click ‘Start’.select drives
  3. Select the file(s) you wish to recover and then select ‘Recover’.Files Found
  4. Now choose a path for the file(s) and select any additional options.recovery options
  5. When ready to start the file recovery process, select ‘Start’.

I’ve used this software occasionally and I’ve found it to be quite good for recently deleted files and it works well on my Windows 10 computers. It is great that this software is free.

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