How To Fix Windows 10 Update Assistant Error 0x80070652

This blog post is about how to fix the Windows 10 Update Assistant error 0x80070652.

At the moment I have multiple computers with Windows 10 installed on them and some computers are not used regularly. Time flies by between uses, and this means I often get behind with updates to the operating system.

I decided to use one of my laptops that hadn’t been used in a while and I wasn’t surprised to see updates pending. I noticed on my desktop there was a link to the ‘Windows 10 Update Assistant’ so I ran it, waited a long time and finally saw this error:

Something went wrong

You can contact Microsoft Support for help with this error. Here is the error code 0x80070652

Windows 10 Update Assistant error

The next day I ran the assistant application again, but unfortunately the same error occurred with it failing to install the updates. However when I looked at Windows Update (not using the assistant), I noticed updates were pending.

Here is how I solved the problem:

  1. I visited ‘Windows Update’ via ‘Settings’ and it mentioned updates were currently pending installation and I let those updates install and rebooted the computer. *
  2. Upon reboot, I visited Windows Update again (accessed via Settings) and it showed the message below:Windows Update Your device is at risk I clicked on Check for updates, which then led to it downloading and installing new updates.
  3. I then rebooted the computer again.
  4. I then ran the Windows 10 Update Assistant (via the desktop link) and the following was shown:Windows 10 Update Assistant Thank you

* Type in Windows Update into the search bar at the bottom, or you can find it it via the Settings icon from the start menu, then click on ‘Update and Security’, and it should be default to Windows Update. Though if it doesn’t, it should be an option on the left of the Window.

Additional info

Before I fixed the problem, I was using Windows 10 Pro 64-bit version 1703 with OS build 15063.850.

I didn’t need to contact Microsoft, and just used Windows Update to fix the problem. Thankfully I had plenty of time, as it took a while to update!

I hope this blog post is helpful to others, and whilst I’m not in a position to provide tech support, I hope others leave feedback via comments below.

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