TalkTalk YouView Huawei DN370T Software Update Without Using A TalkTalk ISP Connection

This blog post is about how I performed a TalkTalk YouView Huawei DN370T software update without using a TalkTalk ISP connection.

I was at a local car boot sale when I noticed a chap selling a couple of set-top boxes, and I ended up buying a YouView set-top box for £3 (GBP). I didn’t haggle and that was the cheap price he wanted!

TalkTalk YouView Huawei DN370T Set-top box

Along with the set-top box, I was given the power supply, but no remote control. For that price I didn’t mind, and it turns out the remote control for my DN372T box works with the DN370T.

I had previously owned a DN370T, but in my lounge was the newer DN372T, so why did I want another set-top box?

I plan on placing it in my bedroom, but I don’t want to connect this box to the internet via TalkTalk. I don’t want to use the set-top box for internet content. I did however want to update the box to the latest software, but again I didn’t want to use a TalkTalk internet connection. Instead I used another ISP to update the set-top box.

So what follows is how I used a mobile phone and a WiFi router to update a YouView box and my views before and after the upgrade.

Please note: I performed the software update in late May 2018. I wrote the draft for this blog post in May, but I only edited and published it today (July). Some of the information, such as software versions etc, could now be out of date. I didn’t connect the DN370T set-top box to the internet using BT or TalkTalk.

How I updated a DN370T with a mobile phone
I connected an old Linksys WRT54G router (acting as a client bridge) to a portable hotspot that I had enabled on an old android mobile phone, which wasn’t using TalkTalk to supply an internet connection.

wifi router and mobile phone

mobile access point message

I then plugged the old DN370T set-top box into the Linksys router and was then able to use a mobile connection to upgrade the software.

DN370T software update

DN370T updated

Below is a photo from before the upgrade, showing the DN370T software versions.

DN370T before software update

Next is a photography showing the DN370T software after the upgrade.

DN370T software version after update

Component software: Was before the update and now is 3.2.108.
Manufacturer software: was 12.25.04 before the update and now is 70.44.212.

My opinion after the upgrade
I’m now using the set-top box without an internet connection and I don’t currently plan on watching any internet content via the box. Therefore I can’t test any of the ‘Players’ or ‘Apps’ that you can see listed in the photos below.

I’ve just noticed All 4, ITV and S4C players are not shown in my photograph. My other set-top box (DN372T) in the lounge has those players, but the DN372T is connected to TalkTalk internet, unlike the DN370T set-top box I’ve just updated

DN370T players

DN370T Apps

The update looks quite good and I think it is easy to use.

DN370T Settings

DN370T Picture and Sound options

I’m running the box in 1080p as you can see from the photos.

DN370T HDMI options

The EPG (TV guide) works fine without an internet connection and I’m able to schedule and record Freeview TV. Though I think occasionally the lack of an internet connection might be occasionally stopping a movie or TV show from recording, but I’m uncertain.

On the flip-side I think before the software update a couple of TV shows on a Freeview channel kept failing to record, but now they don’t fail to record.

I’ve made sure some settings are off, which I think might help when using the old set-top box.

DN370T appearance options

I’m not sure why the person was selling this Freeview recorder set-top box so cheaply, but I’ve grabbed a bargain! I am able to use it without a TalkTalk connection. I’m happy with the software upgrade and I’ve been using the upgraded box for over a month.

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