Windows 10 – Wrong CPU Being Reported After Upgrade (Solved)

This blog post is about how I solved the problem when a CPU was being wrongly reported in Windows 10 after I had replaced the CPU on a motherboard.


I’ve being upgrading a few old computers and on a HP Compaq dx2420 motherboard, I replaced a Pentium Dual-Core E5300 2.6GHz CPU, with a second-hand Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E8400 3Ghz.

The problem was, that when I opened Task Manager or looked at ‘Device specifications’, it still showed the old CPU, whilst CPU-Z was happy to acknowledge the computer upgrade.

Task Manager with CPU E5300 2.60GHz listed.

Task Manager CPU E5300 2.60GHz

CPU-Z E8400 3GHz

CPU-Z with E8400 3GHz listed.

When I opened ‘Device Manager’ it was still showing the old processors that had already been removed. Luckily the solution was simply and below I will inform you what I did to solve the problem.

How I solved the problem:

  1. I logged into an administrator account, right clicked on the Windows icon and selected ‘Device Manager’.Menu with Device Manager listed
  2. I double clicked on ‘Processors’ from the list.Processors listed in Device Manager
  3. I then right-clicked on a processor and selected ‘Uninstall device’ and after it was removed, did the same to the remaining processor in the list.Uninstall device
  4. I then rebooted the PC.

When I next looked at Device Manager and elsewhere the processors list had been updated and was showing details for the recent CPU I had installed.

Final thoughts

I’m not sure if correcting the wrongly reported CPU problem makes any difference to system performance. I’ve had to perform the steps above a few times, but at least the solution is simple and I hope this blog post has helped others.

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