Fresh ‘N Rebel Lace Earbuds | Wired Earphones Review

This is a 2020 review of the Fresh ‘N Rebel Lace Earbuds/wired earphones.

Photo of earbuds

This isn’t a sponsored review.

Having recently transitioned to headphone (over ear) use indoors, I wanted to change my outdoor ‘earbuds’. I own quite a few pairs of Betron B630 earphones, but wanted to buy something with a microphone.

Having recently purchased Fresh ‘N Rebel headphones for use around my home, I thought I would buy their earphones for my outdoor use, which I will then store in my backpack when not in use.

With recent changes in my lifestyle I wanted a microphone so that when I’m out and about I can quickly answer a call, speak and then disconnect.

I saw a good deal for three of the Fresh ‘N Rebel earbuds and purchased all three! One for myself, one for my fiancée and a third as a spare, should we need it.

The packaging
I’m quite impressed by Fresh ‘N Rebel’s branding and packaging. It’s fair to say I’m now a fan of the brand.

earphones in original packaging

The earbuds turned up in a box, with a cardboard part that slides in and out. So for the time being I’m using this to store the earbuds in my backpack.

The box I'm storing my earphones in.

I had stored another brand loose in my backpack and they had broken due to my poor storage, so already a good start.

The in-ear plugs
As well as the ends already attached to the earbuds, a couple of other sizes are in a bag. I’ve not tried the other two sizes yet, as I’m happy with the fit and feel of the soft ends that were already attached.

The cord
I don’t like the cord, which reminds me of the floss I use on my teeth! I guess I will get used to it and it doesn’t really matter.

A photo of earbuds

The microphone and buttons
This was what I was nervous about, as if it didn’t work properly I had wasted my money. Thankfully when plugged into my Samsung Galaxy S5 G900T running Lineage OS, the microphone works and it’s not bad considering the size.

The photo shows the hole for the microphone

So far I’ve answered a couple of calls from my fiancée, spoken and ended the calls. I think the buttons are okay.

the photo shows buttons

The listening experience
I personally think the sound quality listening to music is better than my Betron B630 earphones. If you’ve got access to an equalizer option, then you might want to tweak the sound.

I plugged the headphones into my computer I felt the sound was good, but I definitely prefer my Fresh ‘N Rebel headphones for listening. However for earphones, I think the lace earbuds are very good.

The colours
Personally I’m not bothered about the colour of the earbuds, but you can buy these in various colours. I’m using the ‘Ruby’ colour, which reminds me of a glass of red wine. My fiancée is using the green earphones.

I purchased three of the lace earbuds for under £20, including P&P. I appreciate that is a very good price and if I was paying anything under £10-£13 for one I would be okay with that price.

A good product in my opinion, but like any earphones, it’s important you look after them. I’ve broken connections before on earphones/headphones. I intend to keep mine in the original box for the time being and at some stage find something else to store them.

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