BP-300 / 8710F Turn Up The Volume Bluetooth V5 Wireless Headphones Instructions

In this blog post I’ve created instructions for the BP-300 / 8710F ‘Turn Up The Volume’ Bluetooth V5 wireless headphones and I’ve written a review.

Photo of headphones

The instructions were small and I lost them quickly! So in this blog post I’ve recreated the instructions to help others. If you find this post helpful, please say thank you in the comments area.

How to charge the headphones
When you plug a lead into the BP300 headphones micro USB port, a light should turn red to indicate charging. Then once charged the light will turn white.

A photo showing headphones being charged

How to pair the headphones with a device

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on the device you’re going to connect the headphones to.
  2. Press the play/pause button on the headphones.
  3. Tell your other device (not the headphones) to search for nearby devices.
  4. You should see 8710F listed and then you can connect to it.

You shouldn’t need to repeat the above steps the next time you want to use the two devices together.

How to turn on the headphones if already paired

  1. Put the headphones on.
  2. Enable Bluetooth on the sending device.
  3. Press the play/pause button on the headphones until it says ‘power on’ and then ‘connected’.

How to turn the device off
To turn the headphones off, you press and hold the play/pause button until you hear the voice say ‘power off’. You can also just disconnect the Bluetooth device sending audio and in approximately four and half minutes you should hear the voice.

Photo of the BP300 / 8710F headphones

Play/Pause button
You can use this button to pause and play audio. Also the same button can be used to answer and end a phone call, as well as to turn the headphones on or off.

– & + buttons
These two buttons are for volume control.

Flashing red & white light
If the device is disconnected from the Bluetooth device it is paired with, the light on the headphone will flash red and white whilst it’s waiting for a re-connection.

The 3.5mm socket
My pair of headphones came with a standard 3.5mm male to male lead, which can be plugged into the headphones. This is an excellent feature, enabling you to use the headphones with non-Bluetooth devices or when you don’t want to use Bluetooth on a device.

A photo showing buttons and socket locations

My review
For audio quality these headphones are not great, but I think it is acceptable. I think my wired Fresh ‘n Rebel headphones provide better quality audio.

My head is very large and the headphones can be extended to fit it! The ends can fold for when you wish to store them, but I’m not sure how long they’re going to last in my backpack without some padding or a case of some sort.

Bluetooth headphones

I started playing a song on my Samsung Galaxy S5 G900T phone, then walked from one end of my apartment/flat to the other and the song was still playing! So giving up a bit of quality for not having to deal with a wire seems reasonable to me. Also I find that the voice speaking upon disconnection etc is useful.

A photo of headphone earpads

However I hate the microphone and when testing, both my fiancée and I struggled to hear sound from the microphone and we won’t try to use the microphone again.

A photo of foldable Bluetooth headphones

The conclusion is that I find the audio acceptable, but not outstanding. The device is easy to use, fits my huge head and I walk about my home listening to music. Plus I paid under £7 GBP for these brand new! Bargain for that price.

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3 years ago

How do you get the mic to work?