8710A Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Instructions and Review

This 2020 blog post provides instructions and a review for the 8710A Bluetooth wireless speaker.

Photo of a Bluetooth speaker


The product I purchased was originally sold by M&S in the UK and the light green box had ‘Tunes. Beats. Base.’ written on the front.

I quickly got rid of my instructions then realised I needed to know a bit more about how the product works! Spending a bit of time with the product, I’ve created this blog post to help others.

A photo showing the rear of a Bluetooth speaker

The buttons

You press the middle button to turn on and off. The speaker will say ‘power on’ and ‘power off’.

A photo showing speaker buttons

You can control the volume using the plus and minus buttons. However you can still control volume from a device the speak is paired with.

Flashing blue light

The blue light flashes when the device is waiting to pair with a device. When paired, you will be informed by a voice.

A photo showing a speaker's blue light

If you’ve previously paired the devices, but see the speaker listed, look to see if your phone has a ‘previously connected devices’ or similar option. That is where I now find the speaker listed on my phone.

An edited photo showing a Bluetooth option on a phone

Quick succession of tones

This occurs when the device is it paired to breaks connection.

Battery status

Depending on the device you’ve paired the speaker to, you might be able to see the battery status of the speaker.

An edited photo showing a speaker's battery charge percentage

For example my phone will show me how much battery life the speaker still has, which I find useful.


At the top of the device, you gentle pull up the cover to reveal the micro USB port. Then when power is being supplied to the speaker, a red light is shown.

A photo showing a speaker being charged

My review

I wanted a Bluetooth speaker to use with a phone, computer and tablet. So far I used the device with Android, LibreElec (Linux) and Windows 10 without any issues.

I don’t have another Bluetooth speaker to compare the audio quality to, but the sound quality for music playback isn’t amazing, but I think it’s acceptable. When listing to audiobooks, I think the product is fantastic!A photo of the 8710A Bluetooth speaker

I’ve attached the device to a metal storage unit and a washing line! I don’t know how durable it is, but it feels pretty solid and I like the design.Another photo of the rear of the 8710A Bluetooth speaker

Final thoughts

I’m using the product weekly and the flexibility to quickly use between different devices and to easy move it around to new locations is what I like most about it.

I’m glad I purchased this speaker.

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