Company of Heroes invisible units / shadow problem

This blog post tells you how I solved the invisible unit/shadow problem in the game Company of Heroes.

I purchased the anthology edition of Company of Heroes to play on my old Microsoft Vista laptop with a Nvidia graphics chipset. I was eager to play the game, but disappointed that the units were invisible and I could only see their shadows!

So I had a amjor problem, but luckily I managed to resolve the issue quickly. Before I played the game, I had already updated the game with the latest patches, so there were no patches available to solve the issue. I had also previously I lowered the graphic settings in Company of Heroes, but that didn’t work.

The solution for me was this…. I closed the game, and opened the ‘Nvidia Control Panel’. I went to the ‘Adjust Image Settings with Preview’ option, then changed the option ‘Let the 3D application decide’ to ‘Use the advanced 3D image settings’. Et voilà it worked!

I didn’t upgrade my graphics drivers, in fact I’m running rather old Nvidia graphics. So now I can play Company of Heroes with my Nvidia Quadro NVS 135M. I’ve only been playing the campaign and skirmish modes with one computer opponent, but not noticed any problems.

I hope this information helps someone else solve their Company of Heroes invisible units / shadow problem.

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