How to setup and manage multiple profiles in Mozilla Thunderbird on Microsoft Windows

The ability to open different profiles in Mozilla Thunderbird serves many purposes. From desk sharing in the workplace to families using one computer, this Thunderbird option is often overlooked and useful when you don’t want to go the different email client or online route.

Unfortunately for some bizarre reason it isn’t as straight forward to setup in Thunderbird as you would expect, but within a minute you will be able to manage different email profiles.

You can also use multiple Thunderbird profiles (not to be confused with multiple email accounts under one profile) on Apple Mac and Linux systems also, but the instructions below are for Microsoft Windows users.

1. From the start button browse to the ‘Accessories‘ section and select ‘Command Prompt‘.

2. In the command prompt window type cd\ and then press enter key.
3. Type cd Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\ and press enter.
4. Type Thunderbird -p and press enter. Please note there is a space between Thunderbird and the -p.

5. A Thunderbird window should now be open, please unselect ‘Don’t ask at startup‘.

6. Now either go to a different profile or manage profiles, such as setting up a new profile for a user.
7. You can now close the Command Prompt window.

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