EasyCAP DC60 SMI Grabber Device / SM-USB 007 with Windows 10 (Driver & Software)

This 2020 blog post provides a link to the EasyCAP DC60 SMI Grabber/SM-USB 007 driver that can be used with Windows 10 and I’ve written instructions for free software which can be used with the device.

Warning: You download files at your own risk and the drivers I’ve linked to don’t include uninstall software. By downloading the files you’re taking responsibility for your own actions!

Please note: I believe there are actually at least four versions of the EasyCAP device, so if the driver I’ve linked to doesn’t work for you, that’s a shame.

Photo of SM-USB 007 capture device

The casing on my SMI Grabber Device/SM-USB 007 is broken, so I repaired it with green electrical tape!

I also think PC hardware does matter as my old Dell D620 laptop produced awful results. When testing for this blog post I created video files with:

  • Core 2 Quad Q9400 2.6GHz CPU
  • 4GB DDR2 RAM
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT520 2GB DDR3 graphics card
  • Windows 10 and OBS Studio on a SSD
  •  Test recording to a mechanical SATA hard disk

My device has been in a box for a while and I don’t actually have a need for it. I’m having a clear out and I decided to test the Somagic EasyCAP SM-USB 007 capture device with the latest version of Windows 10. By today’s standards, this device captures low quality video and sound files, but perhaps some people have a use for it. I’m beginning to enjoy using old hardware again, so perhaps I will have a use for it in the future.

SM-USB 007 driver download

Warning: The zip file in the link doesn’t provide an uninstall option for the drivers!

Here is the link to the SM-USB 007 drivers and it includes drivers for XP, Vista, Windows 7. The Windows 7 drivers can be used with Windows 10 and I tested this in July 2020.

screenshot shows code 28 error

SM-USB 007 Code 28 error before driver is installed.

How to install the driver for SM-USB 007 on Windows 10:

  1. Extract the files from the zip you downloaded.
  2. Attach the SM-USB 007 device to your PC.
  3. Open ‘Device Manager’.
  4. Right-click on ‘SM-USB 007’ and select ‘Properties’.
  5. On the ‘Driver’ tab, select ‘Update Driver’. *
  6. Select ‘Browse my computer for driver software’.
  7. Now browse to the location of the files you extracted and for Windows 10, select the right Win7 folder for your PC. i.e. wind7_64 for Windows 10 64-bit

* If this is grayed out, you can either log into an administrator account or from the ‘General’ tab, select ‘Change settings’ to grant admin access to make changes.

A screenshot of the SMI Grabber Device in Device Manager

The SM-USB 007 driver has been installed on Windows 10 and is now shown as the SMI Grabber Device.

Before I move onto the software, I thought I would quickly mention shielding. When plugged directly into the front of my PC I noticed interference in the video. When using a USB extension cable to move the EasyCAP device away from the PC and other cables, the interference was greatly reduced.

OBS Studio (free)
It’s easy to get this device up and running with OBS Studio, which can be used with the EasyCAP device. In OBS Studio you can configure the device and capture/record MP4 video files.

Screenshot of OBS Studio

How to add the SMI Grabber to OBS Studio:

  1. Under ‘Sources’, select ‘+’ then add the device as a ‘Video Capture Device’.
  2. From the ‘Create/Select Source’ pop-up windows select ‘OK’.
  3. Then select ‘Configure Video’ from the ‘Properties for Video Capture Device’ window.Screenshot showing Properties for Video Capture Device
  4. In the new window select your ‘Video Standard’. i.e. PAL type. I used PAL_B for UK *
  5. When ready, select ‘Apply’, then ‘OK’ and again ‘OK’ to close the configuration window.
  • I might be wrong about PAL_B for UK, but it seemed to work for me! You can also switch from the ‘Video Decoder’ to ‘Video Proc Amp’ at this step and adjust brightness, contrast and other visual options.

Screenshot showing where you can adjust some settings

Adjusting preview and output in OBS Studio
You will likely need to adjust the preview settings and output resolution. You can force OBS Studio to save a MP4 video file in another resolution and aspect ratio.

To adjust preview options, right click on the preview window, then you can set the options. Two that I set were:

  • Canvas (720×576) for Preview Scaling.
  • Fit to Screen for Transform.

I noticed that my saved MP4 video files used the wrong aspect ratio. I changed this by setting a different resolution for output.

How to change aspect ratio and resolution of a MP4 in OBS Studio:

  1. Near the bottom right select ‘Settings’.
  2. Choose ‘Video’ from the left hand options.
  3. Now you can input a different output resolution. i.e. 1024×576

Screenshot shows how to change the output resolution in OBS Studio

Other software
In the past I’ve used VLC media player and VSDC Free Video Capture software with the SMI Grabber Device, but when testing for this blog post I only used OBS Studio.

Please say thank you
It took a while to create this blog post and if you find it helpful at all, it would be nice if you left a comment at the bottom of this blog post.

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3 years ago

I have the original setup disk for the easycap,I had used it in the past under win7,and used it to digitize hours of video. but now using win10. . wouldn’t install. I found your post, and link to driver. installed fine. next step is to see how it works for digitizing cassette tapes. ie, if it gives better sound than plugging into the mic jack on laptop.

3 years ago

It’s been a few months since you posted this, but I want you to know I really appreciated this post.

3 years ago

Thanks Andrew! Great directions. It took a little work, but finally got things working on my Windows 10 machine using EasyCAP and Ulead VideoStudio.

3 years ago

Thanks for this, worked perfectly on my “Winstars A07JR”. Many PAL versions should work but PAL-I is the UK specific one. The only difference between some of them is how the audio is encoded into it which is irrelevant when you have separate audio cables such as on composite devices.

I used OBS to set up the format and PAL system as you have described but then switched to virtualdub because I am more familiar with it. Virtualdub couldn’t bring up the system dialog to set it to PAL so I had to set that in OBS first.

Thanks again

Cool LaFemme
Cool LaFemme
3 years ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you, sir, it worked for me after days of research. Thank you so much. God bless you

2 years ago

Thank you so much for your help!

2 years ago

Have you managed to uninstall this software / driver?

2 years ago

I had already got the driver for the Easycap of the SM-USB 007 model elsewhere but thanks anyway, maybe you can help me I can’t capture the audio behind the Easeycap itself I can only get it by plugging into the PC’s audio input, I already I tried several solutions and none was able to capture the audio, I used Ulead VideoStudio 11 Software and BlazeVideo HDTV Player 6.6 but I didn’t get success in capturing the audio Can you capture the audio behind the Easeycap itself?

2 years ago

I really appreciated this post.

sebastian salinas
sebastian salinas
1 year ago

thank you very much. The only driver that actually worked for me. great job for the community !!

1 year ago

Thanks for the tutorial and the drivers. I bought my “AV grabber pro” in 2010 when I was running Vista/7. Since then I haven’t touched it. 13 years later, I am using a different machine and running Windows 10, thanks to your page, the gadget is up and running again! Thank you!

9 months ago

On OBS, there is a glitchy image on the bottom of the screen. Any fixes?