Manfrotto Advanced Tri Professional Large Backpack First Impressions

This is a December 2020 blog post covering first impressions of a large second-hand Manfrotto Advanced Tri Professional Backpack.

A photo of a Manfrotto Advanced Tri Professional large backpackA photo showing the rear of a backpackA side photo of a backpack


I enjoy photography and in my other backpacks, there never is enough room for my equipment. It gets even more complicated when I want to take a packed lunch with me!

With my recent purchases of old camera lenses, the situation had got out of hand and I felt it was time for me to buy a camera backpack. There are many options available and in the end I purchased a second-hand Manfrotto via eBay and this blog post covers my first impressions.

Please note: I live in England, UK and at the time of writing I’ve not had the opportunity to take this backpack out and about yet. I’m only writing about what I’ve done with it briefly at home to assess how I could use it when going out.

First impressions

I’ve got the large model and I very quickly tried fitting some of my lenses, camera and accessories in the backpack. As you can see from the photo below, it was able to accommodate quite a few items.

Camera, lenses and accessories in a backpack

The next photo shows the compartments without anything in them. Both the grey and red dividers are attached via velcro and you can make adjustments or even remove some or all sections.

compartments in a backpack

The top section, has a slot for a small laptop or a tablet. It’s likely I will probably carry an e-reader in that compartment at times.

Close up photo of part of a backpack

In the main area at the top, I will probably carry flasks of food and drink, a bit of cutlery in the zipped area and perhaps a few cables etc.

Top section of a backpackPhoto shows part of a backpack

There are a couple of side pockets and a front pocket, but I’m unsure what I will store in them. Perhaps some tissues and a lens cleaner or similar small items.

Converting to a conventional backpack

This is something I didn’t know before buying, which was you can unzip the top part, then remove the dividers meant for the camera and lenses, which then creates a larger spacious area from top to bottom.

A photo showing the inside of a Manfrotto backpack

I already can see myself using this backpack even when I’m not carrying my camera and lenses, in scenarios such as when I travel across the UK.

Fitting a tripod

I’m a bit wary of the tripod holder being able to support my tripod. To be fair I’ve only tried placing the tripod once and I’ve not been out and about with it yet. I am tempted to purchase a smaller tripod to carry on the backpack, but I might be overreacting.

A backpack with a camera tripod attached

The rain cover

I couldn’t fit the rain cover on the backpack with the tripod attached.

A backpack with a rain coverAnother photo showing the rear of a backpack

This is probably my biggest concern and I’m not sure about taking the backpack out and about with a tripod and not using the rain cover if it’s lightly raining.

Final thoughts

After I’ve used the Manfrotto backpack for a while I might write another blog post based upon that experience. In the meantime I’m looking forward to being out and about with this backpack.

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