You appear to be a spambot – Error Code: nr02 (Solved)

This blog post is about how I solved the ‘You appear to be a spambot – error code: nr02’ problem.

An edited screenshot of an error message

I hadn’t received any blog comments in a while and I thought things had been a bit quiet. I then received a great email from a nice person called Sebastian..

Sebastian told me he had tried several times to leave a reply to a post, but hadn’t been able to. He kindly decided to send me a message telling me about the problem and to thank me for a blog post.

I really appreciate Sebastian taking the time to send me a message.

I then started to investigate the problem and it turned out that a comment plugin was responsible. Once I disabled that plugin, everything seems to be working properly again.

If you’re trying to leave somebody a comment elsewhere or you run a website and you’ve been made aware of the same issue, I hope this blog post proves useful.

I apologise to Sebastian and anybody else who hasn’t been able to leave a blog post comment.

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