Transfer Photos or Videos from a SM-G900F/T running LineageOS 16 to a Windows 10 PC

This blog post tells you how to transfer photos or videos from a microSD card in a Samsung S5 Galaxy SM-G900F/T mobile phone running LineageOS 16 to a Windows 10 PC.

Photo of a mobile phone

Please note: These instructions are for people capturing to a microSD card. There are a various ways you can transfer photos and videos, but I’m providing the instructions for the method I use to transfer files from my phone which has the images I took and videos I recorded stored on a microSD card.


When I tried to use the usual method I to transfer photos and videos from a mobile to Windows 10, the computer scanned the whole phone and found other images, which I hadn’t taken with the camera.

Rather than look at the issue further, I just visit the location of the images and manually cut and paste between the phone and a Windows 10 PC. Below the instructions cover how I transfer images from my SM-G900T phone.

Part 1 – On the phone

  1. Connect the phone to the Windows 10 PC (when the PC is switched on) via a micro USB cable.
  2. If unnecessary unlock the phone with a pin.
  3. Where the time is located in the top left, drag down with a finger.
  4. Tap where  ‘Android system – Charging this device USB’ listed and then tap ‘Charging this device via USB’.
  5. From the ‘USB Preferences’ option, select ‘File Transfer’.

Part 2 – On the Windows 10 PC

  1. Open ‘File Explorer’, which is usually an icon with a yellow folder near the start menu.
  2. Click on ‘SM-G900F’, which is listed on the left.
  3. Then on the right double-click on ‘disk’ and in the right browse to the location for stored photos on a microSD in LineageOS 16, which is ‘Android\data\org.lineageos.snap\files\’
  4. Now you can cut or copy photos or videos from this folder to a folder you choose on your Window 10 PC’s hard drive.

Part 3 – On the phone

  1. Repeat part 1 at the top, but this time from ‘USB Preferences’ select ‘No data transfer’ and you can then unplug the cable.
Final thoughts

The process above might seem extensive, but actually it’s easy and straightforward when you do it regularly.

I really like using LingeageOS 16 on my S5 and with a microSD card and think the photos and videos I capture via the rear camera are very good for an old mobile.

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