E010 Drone Instructions and Review

Here are basic instructions for the E010 drone instructions and a review.

E010 Drone

Quick details:

  1. You will get approximately five minutes flight time from a fully charged battery.
  2. The battery is 3.7v 150mAh.
  3. The controller/transmitter takes 2xAA batteries.

After you’ve finished using the drone, unplug the battery to turn it off.

E010 Drone Charger and Parts

How to charge the E010 battery:

  1. Plug the USB charging cable into a USB port (light will turn red).
  2. Plug the battery into the USB charger (light will disappear).
  3. Unplug the battery and charger when the light is red (approx 50-60mins).

E010 Drone Controller

How to turn on the E010 drone and gyroscope calibration:

  1. Connect the battery lead to the drone (the drone will start flashing).
  2. Turn on the controller by using the bottom middle switch (left to right).
  3. Move the left stick up and then down (the controller should beep one).
  4. Move the right tick down and to the left forty-five degrees, which should prompt the drone lights to flash and then stop.

How to adjust the E010 drone trim:

  1. Turn on the drone, collaborate and hover.
  2. Use the top middle up/down button to adjust forward/backward drift.
  3. Use the bottom right left/right button to adjust sideways drift.

You adjust the trim when the E010 drone is drifting in a direction.

How to make the E010 drone perform a 360 degree flip:

  1. Hover the drone at least a couple of metres off the ground.
  2. Press the top right (shoulder) button and then choose the flip direction with the right hand stick.

How to enter and leave headless mode:

  1. Press the downward arrow on the bottom left button to enter headless mode (lights will flash).
  2. Press the same button again to exit headless mode.

How to switch between fast and low rate:

  1. Press the top (shoulder) left button to switch to fast rate (two beeps).
  2. Press the top left button again to go back to low rate (one beep).

The review
I purchased two E010 drones at a car boot sale in 2019 and gave them away as presents to relatives. I wasn’t that good at flying the drone and prefer a remote controlled helicopter I own.

I didn’t pay a lot of money for the drones and realised the cheap purchase was a good way for me to learn a bit about flying small drones. I crashed a drone many times and didn’t see any damage to the drone. Perhaps I was lucky I didn’t damage it!

I never used the drone outdoors so I don’t know how well it would’ve worked outside. There are people that can write a better review than me about this drone. However my personal opinion is that at the right price, it’s a bit of fun for a very short period of time.

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