StarCraft Game Graphics problem on Microsoft Vista or Windows 7

So you want to play your old StarCraft game on Windows Vista or Windows 7. Only problem is once installed the graphics don’t look right and it’s showing bright colours instead of the usual.

Here is how to solve the problem.

Please note: I wrote the guide below with Windows 7 users in mind, but Vista users should be able to use this as a rough guide to solve the problem also.

– Either right click on the desktop to change ‘screen resolution’ or find via control panel. Then select ‘Advanced Settings’ and the ‘Monitor’ tab. Once there set the ‘Colors’ to ‘High Color (16 bit)’, select ‘Apply’ and agree to the change if all seems okay. Now it’s important you don’t close this box, leave it open whilst you play the game. Then change settings back afterwards.

– Now if you have a high detailed desktop background wallpaper you will need to remove it whilst you play the game. In Windows 7 I set it to solid colors instead.

– If the above two options are not making the graphics look good, you can also try right clicking on the game icon. Then from the ‘Compatibility’ tab selecting everything under the ‘settings’ area. Don’t bother actual setting a ‘Compability Mode’ or ‘Privilege Level’. Now try this with the two recommendations above and see if that works.

This should resolve your Starcraft issue on Microsoft Windows Vista or 7. Have fun.

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