Red Alert 3 – Perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons

This blog post is a real time strategy (RTS) game called Red Alert 3. My fantastic girlfriend bought me the Windows version, so this what my review is based upon. I’ve played the Red Alert games part of the Command & Conquer series for years, enduring the lengthy wait between the second and third instalments.

Was it worth the wait?

I’m fairly sure this game could and should have been produced a lot earlier than 2008. So the answer is ‘yes’, it was worth the wait, but wish it had been sooner. Perhaps one of the reasons for the delay was due to Westwood Studios who released Red Alert 2 being sold and then closed by EA Games back in 2003.

Time can’t help but impact on this game and the feel of gameplay was more similar to Command & Conquer Generals, rather than Red Alert 2. Naturally due to improvements in coding, development and computer system specs.

The game has the femme fatales you would naturally expect from a Red Alert game, though let’s face it, it’s cheesy and unrequired; obviously trying to provide a degree of ‘sexy’. The game is littered with actors, some b list and some further down the alphabet. All though do an excellent job and the videos segments add to the gameplay, rather than subtract.

The Red Alert 3 graphics are beautiful, even set to low detail. The individual units are well crafted and the inclusion of a selection of familiar Red Alert 2 units, remodelled is welcome. The sound is good quality also, though after a while, like any game you begin to tune it out and only notice when your being attacked etc.

On many levels you are accompanied by a co-op and essentially work together, though if it’s an AI (computer player) you can tell it to attack, hold position or do as it sees fit. Unless with actual friends, I prefer to play RTS games in single player mode, so you can image the AI co-op mode I didn’t take to. Though I’m sure many will find this an excellent addition.

I quite enjoy how on occasion they extend the map you’re playing and set additional or new objectives. I have found the gameplay at times far too easy when set to medium, so must try the next difficulty shortly. I’ve only completed the Soviet mission so far, but it was very enjoyable.

Another welcome addition was a new side, the Japanese. So you can play either or against Allied, Soviet or Japan. The lead actor for the Japanese side is George Takei, who played Sulu in the original Star Trek. A great actor and good addition to the game.

Final thoughts

So the conclusion is it’s a great addition to the Red Alert series and takes it further. If you played Generals or Red Alert 2 you will probably like this game.

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