My favourite Android Applications and Games – February 2013

I thought I would tell you about my favourite Android applications and games.

It only seems like yesterday that I was using my Spectrum 48k computer, which loaded games and software via tapes! My latest piece of computer hardware is aNexus 7 running the Android OS, which although it doesn’t have the same wow factor as I felt for the Spectrum (I’m being serious), it is a nifty piece of technology.

Whether an android phone or tablet, there are many great applications and games available. Every so often I will write a blog post and tell you some of my favourites, and this month they are…

Zinio – Digital magazine reader and service

Long gone are the days of piles of magazines in the corner. I’ve been subscribed to the Zinio service for a while, and when I brought the Nexus 7 it was one of the first applications to be installed. Now I can purchase my favourite magazines digitally and read them on my tablet.


Is it easier to read a paper magazine? Yes it is, seeing as I have to resize the pages on my Nexus 7. However my home isn’t cluttered anymore with magazines and a magazine to read is a few clicks away, so for me the benefits outweigh the negatives.

In the UK? Receive free magazines. I only stumbled across this a week or so ago, but it appears many UK libraries have partnered up with a service to provide a free collection of magazines via Zinio. I found my local deal by typing my area and Zinio into Google search, and ended up on a local council page with the details. Seems to good to be true? I thought that, but it is legal and my local area boasts a good collection of magazines to choose between.

WeatherBug – Weather forecasts

Gone are the days of watching the BBC News early in the morning just for the weather update. Then later online I used to use a few different websites to help me form a better judgement about my local weather forecast.


Now I’m using the free android weather application called WeatherBug. All the data I want for today and a five day forecast as well. Another great time saving application.

Angry Birds Star Wars – Game

What can I say? I keep coming back to the Angry Birds Star Wars game to play a new level, else to try and achieve a three star rating on an old level.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Yes I like the fact it is Star Wars themed (please release a Star Trek version next!), but it is also challenging and a great game if all you want is a few minutes distraction.

Chess Free – Game

Yes I ventured into the Chess club at School occasionally during colder months, when we were not allowed to play soccer on the playing field at lunch.


This well made chess game, allows me to once again play chess during my lunch hour. (UK only TV Guide)

Between the ‘’ application and the website, I can easily find tv shows and movies that I want to watch, without having to scroll through the EPG or buy a tv listing magazine.


Just as well I’m using this TV listing application, as my TV box regularly crashes when I open the EPG!

Do you have any Android recommendations?
Let me know your thoughts on the above Android applications, and why not provide a recommendation or two yourself?

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