My 3 SkypePhone S2 Mobile Phone Review

Shortly I will stop using my old ‘3 SkypePhone S2’ made by Amoi, and so I thought I would write a review about the phone and my experience of using it with the 3 service.

3 SkypePhone S2 mobile phone

The phone itself is a well-built solid phone, that whilst it feels somewhat heavy, my phone still looks in great condition, even though it has been carted around in my pocket and backpack for years.

This phone shouldn’t be brought for Skype use!

I brought the ‘SkypePhone S2‘ to take advantage of the free Skype to Skype calls and messaging via the Three mobile network service in the UK. Unfortunately they stopped updating the Skype software for the phone, and then the Skype service became unreliable on this phone during 2011, and Skype stopped working.

The phone is actually pretty good for using as a mobile modem.

Other than making calls, and sending text messages, the phone is currently my alarm clock and on occasion acts as my mobile phone modem, connected via a USB cable to my laptop. I’ve used this phone basically as a modem dongle on Microsoft Windows XP and Linux.

I’ve got a 2GB micro-SD card in my phone, which meant it was easy to place chunky MP3 audio podcasts on the phone. Though the phone isn’t ideal for this, even with the help of a MP3 splitter, due to the limited mp3 playback options.

Don’t use this phone if you want to take okay looking photos!

The camera is 3.2Mpx, but in reality it is very bad for taking photos. I’ve used the voice recorder functionality, which I found to be okay indoors, but awful outdoors, mainly when windy.

I used the phone to occasionally update my Twitter account up until last year. Though I found it a somewhat painful process via this phone.


So these days I’m using it as an alarm, phone calls, text messaging and as a mobile modem. In reality, I should of moved on long ago to a more capable phone to meet my current needs.

I intend for my next phone to be Android OS based, rather than use a less popular mobile OS. That way, I should be able to gain more functionality out of my next phone.

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