June 2019 (Amazon Prime Video / Camera Lenses / Huawei HG533 Router)

This is the June 2019 blog post, where I write about tech I’ve used or handled during June, that I’ve either not blogged about or I wish to write a quick update about.

The tech blog has been quite active this month and you might have expected my monthly post might be a bit light, but I’ve been pretty busy with tech and projects.

This blog post covers:

  • Amazon Prime video
  • Camera lenses
  • Coolpix L29 camera
  • Mouse on wrong side of two monitor setup
  • TalkTalk Huawei HG533 Router
  • What’s coming up in July

Amazon Prime video
I started a trial of the Amazon Prime service and my girlfriend and I have watched a bit too much Prime video! We used the streaming service via Windows 10 PC and we’ve enjoyed watching:

  • Good Omens
  • Jack Ryan
  • Life in Pieces
  • The Expanse
  • The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

I noticed the service currently has Eureka and ‘The Librarians’ TV shows, which I’ve watched previously and enjoyed.

Camera lenses
I’m planning for the future and one of the areas I wish to do more is photography. A kind chap offered his old cameras and accessories on ‘Freecycle’, and my girlfriend and I collected them.

camera lens

The guy said the cameras had been travelling from shed to shed as he moved, and they were quite dirty. Once back home, I sat down with two different types of wipes and spent an hour cleaning the items. The lenses appear to be in excellent condition.

I am very grateful to the person for their generosity, and I’m looking forward to using the items.

camera lenses

Then just as June was coming to a close, I went to a local car boot sale and purchased a couple of lenses. I paid £4 for the two items you see in the photo.

Coolpix L29 camera
My girlfriend and I purchased a purple Coolpix L29 camera at a car boot sale as a gift for my Mum. The camera takes a couple of AA batteries and a SD card. The camera is by Nikon, but it’s similar to some FujiFilm cameras I use.


I’m going to write a review about the camera shortly, but before I do, I will use it a bit more.

Mouse on wrong side of two monitor setup (Windows 10)
A person I know is using two monitors, but the mouse pointer had to move to the right to appear on the left monitor. Basically the monitors are setup in the wrong locations/positions in Windows 10. It is very easy to switch the monitors around. So not a major problem, but annoying until you configure Windows 10.

  1. Right click on the desktop and select ‘Display settings’.Display settings
  2. Then click on a monitor and drag it to the correct position.Windows 10 Switch Monitor Positions
  3. Now click on ‘Apply’.

TalkTalk Huawei HG533 Router
I’ve had this router sitting in a draw for a while and rather than use it again, I’m going to give it to charity.

TalkTalk Huawei HG533 Router

I thought I should mention here that the default username is admin, which also happens to be the password.

What’s coming up in July?
There is so much I wish to do and not enough time! I think I will likely be playing around with an old Android based mobile phone. I also have some old hardware I wish to use one last time before giving it to charity. I also want to play more of my old games. So as usual you can expect a mixture of tech blog posts.

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