HP w1907v 19 Inch Computer Monitor Review

This is a review of the old HP w1907v 19 inch computer monitor.

HP w1907v computer monitor

I’m writing this review in 2019 and I recently purchased this monitor at a UK car boot sale for £2.50 GBP. For that price I also got a keyboard, cables and some other items!

I’m unsure, but the monitor might have been released in 2007. So this is a review about an old HP monitor. I had previously been thinking about buying another monitor to use as secondary display, so I figured for £2.50, why not give this monitor a try.

HP w1907v monitor rear

First impressions
It’s only a VGA monitor and my Windows 10 computer has set it to 1440×900 resolution. Yes a higher resolution, such as 1920×1080 would have been preferred, but isn’t available. However due to my requirements, I’m okay with a 1440 resolution for a secondary monitor. My graphics card has DVI, VGA and HDMI, so I just plugged it into the VGA connector which I wasn’t previously using.

HP w1907v monitor ports

The monitor stand is bespoke, but the monitor does have the four VESA screw holes at the back, so I could in theory wall mount or use another suitable stand. It’s a shame the height isn’t adjustable so I could try and line it up better with my main monitor.

HP w1907v monitor power connector

A chunky traditional kettle lead to power the monitor and 3.5mm input for sound.

Comparison with a newer monitor
My main monitor is a BenQ GW2270 and the HP model isn’t in the same league. It really is an unfair comparison and I don’t plan on editing photographs or videos on the HP monitor.

The lack of DVI or even HDMI on the w1907v for many is a deal breaker, but this is an old monitor, so you can’t expect too much from it.

Also due to the low resolution, I’m not going to be playing games, editing photos or videos with this monitor.

How am I using this monitor?

I don’t plan on using this monitor for anything else other than email, writing, browsing, viewing photos and some other basic use. Technology has moved on and I don’t want to use it for anything other than a secondary monitor. If I had a server PC, then I would be tempted to use this monitor with a server.

HP w1907v monitor buttons

I really like using the HP monitor as a secondary monitor as I find it makes tasks easier. A good example is that I can display my notes or photos on the monitor for reference, whilst using my main monitor to write a document or a blog post.

What don’t I like about the monitor?
Okay, apart from only being VGA and I’m only able to use a max resolution of 1440×900, I guess it would be the screen reflection. I must admit, I’ve got mixed feelings about the screen, as often I feel it looks great, then I start noticing the background reflections too much.

Would I buy this monitor again?
At the low cost of £2.50 at a car boot sale in 2019, it was a great purchase and due to its age, if it dies shortly, that’s okay. I’m happy that I purchased the monitor, but beyond £5 in 2019, I would consider other options.

I’ve used two monitors with one PC before and I like this HP monitor as a secondary display. Earlier I was reading a Zinio magazine via the display, whilst looking at pricing and reviews for items in the magazine on my main display. For my requirements, the old HP w1907v 19″ monitor was a good purchase. In 2019 and beyond I wouldn’t use this monitor as a main display.

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