Jabra PRO 930 MS Wireless Headset Review

This is a review of the Jabra PRO 930 MS wireless headset.

A photo of the Jabra PRO 930 headset and base station

Please note: I think there are two versions of the headset and I think I have the MS version as the box my product came in states “Certified for Skype for Business” on a label. However please consider that I could’ve made a mistake and don’t blame me for any errors or costs! This isn’t a sponsored blog post.


I’m always wearing either a headset or headphones and earlier this year I started using the Jabra Evolve 20 wired headset. I decided to take a look at the PRO 930 model and wondered if it was worth the extra cost.

Is it worth it?

Let’s get this bit out of the way first. If you’re using Windows 10, a headset all day long for work from a static location, hate having a wire from a headset to a PC and you’re not too fused about audio quality, then perhaps you should look at the Jabra PRO 930.

I know people using these headsets with Skype for Business and Teams meetings on Windows 10, either in one on one or in group calls. The people all seem to be okay with the headset and are using their headsets a lot during a busy working day.

A photo of the Jabra PRO 930 wireless headset and base station

If you’re working from a Windows 10 laptop at different locations then the PRO 930 isn’t for you! The base station requires its own power socket and then a USB lead runs from the base station to the PC, so this isn’t good for a mobile user.

A photo primarily showing the Jabra 930 base station

If you’re an occasional headset user, use Windows 10 and don’t require constant use of a microphone and you’re not using a headset for work, you should consider a cheaper wired headset, such as the Jabra Evolve 20 for occasional use. I purchased my 20 model for a really cheap price on eBay and don’t regret my purchase.

I don’t think ‘gamers’ should buy a Jabra PRO 930 headset.

Audio quality

I don’t particular like the audio quality, both listening and the microphone quality, but I have no problem hearing people and others can hear me.

For personal use, this isn’t a headset for gaming or for sitting back and listening to music. If you’re a voice over person, else doing presentations or creating YouTube videos, then you should look at other products, which are more suitable.

If you’re in the customer service world or talking to colleagues and suppliers often during the day, then this is the type of product you or your bosses will likely consider. My personal opinion is that the audio is ‘acceptable’.

I’m not in a position to rate the ‘noise cancelling mic’, but I like the fact it apparently has this feature and perhaps it will come in handy for me in the future! I work in a reasonably quiet environment, so can’t comment on this feature.

Using with Windows 10 and Skype

To setup with my PC, I made sure the base station was powered, then plugged the USB lead between the base station and my PC. I didn’t need to fuss about with CDs or setup applications, as it the device was recognised and installed without fuss on my Windows 10 Pro 64-bit PC.

A screenshot of Jabra PRO 930 listed in Windows 10

I’ve not experienced any issues using my Jabra PRO 930 with Skype and I think I might have the MS model. I’m not using ‘Skype for Business’, but the other Windows 10 version.

A screenshot of audio settings in Skype

I quite like the audio volume buttons on the headset to adjust listening volume. I find the headset’s hardware easier to use than using a mouse to make changes in Windows 10.

A photo of Jabra PRO 930 headset buttons

With these types of products, for some strange reason I always feel inclined to do a distance test at my home! I live in a flat (apartment) and walk from where the ‘transmitter’ is to the other end, so typically from my lounge to my bedroom. The Jabra PRO 930 didn’t show any issue with the distance in my home.


The headset is light and even on my massive head it fits comfortably. After a while, when not in use, I just forget the headset is even there!

A photo of the Jabra PRO 930 ear cushion

The base station

I might sound a bit weird, but I like the base station a lot! I use headsets daily, both for personal and work use and having a place to store headphones is a real pain. However the Jabra PRO 930 has its own base station, which means whether I’m going to the toilet, making a drink or I’ve just finished using the headset for the day, it’s useful to have a place I can quickly place the headset and walk away.

Final thoughts

I think the headset is a lot of money and you should make sure you have a requirement not just for wireless, but also make sure you have a spare power socket for the base station, room for the base station and that you have a spare USB port on a PC.

For many people, the Jabra PRO 930 isn’t for them, but that can be said for many audio products. So before you purchase, think carefully how you would use the product and whether you’re able to accommodate the product.

At the time of writing, many people are working from home due to lock downs or other restrictions and I can imagine people will think this product is suitable for them.

I like the product and I’ve set it up permanently on a table. 

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