Dropbox ‘Couldn’t Load Content’ Error/Problem Message (Solved)

This blog post provides a solution to the Dropbox error/problem ‘Couldn’t Load Content’ message.

Screenshot of a Dropbox error


Via the system tray on Windows 10 I tried to open Dropbox and saw the error message and then when I double-clicked on the application a large white rectangle box appeared and nothing was displayed!

Straight away I knew that the issue was due to the ZoneAlarm Free Firewall software that I use. I really like ZoneAlarm and I’m not being negative about the application. It has to deal with a lot of scenarios and I find the software quite easy to use.

Even if you don’t use the same firewall as I do, you might find the information in this blog post helpful.

This blog post covers the steps I took to get Dropbox fully working again.

Warning: Please perform a full backup before continuing! I’m providing a solution that worked for me. You make any changes to a firewall/security on a PC at your own risk! I’m also not vouching any service, software or setting mentioned in this blog post.

Please note: I could’ve tried to simplify the steps I took and some might not have been needed, but I’ve put each step I took below. If I was to repeat the process, I probably would just try steps 3 & 4 first.

Step 1 – I tidied up my firewall settings

I don’t know much of my a difference this made, but under ‘Application Control’, I removed all the entries for Dropbox, Qt Qtwebenginesprocess and QtWebEngineProcess.exe.

An edited screenshot of a firewall listing

Step 2 – Closing Dropbox and downloading the installer

I opened ‘Task Manager’ as an administrator and then closed (End Task) the Dropbox application, but noticed the service was already stopped.

I then downloaded the Dropbox installer and tried to install the application, but it failed, showing ‘The install encountered error 2.’

A screenshot of a Dropbox installer error

Step 3 – Configuring the firewall again!

I then went back into ZoneAlarm and via ‘Application Control’, I changed the ‘SmartDefense’ listing for Dropbox (in my case it was listed as Dropbox 108.4.453 and gave it a ‘Super’ trusted level and I also allowed the outbound and inbound access.

An edited screenshot of a Dropbox listing in ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

Under ‘Application Control’ in ZoneAlarm, I then selected ‘Settings’ and changed the DefenseNet to ‘Manual’.

Screenshot of a firewall application with an arrow pointing to an option

Step 4 – Install Dropbox and yet again configuring the firewall!

I then was able to successfully install Dropbox again and now Dropbox appears to be working again. So I went back into ZoneAlarm and changed the DefenseNet back to ‘Automatic’.

A screenshot of a firewall with an arrow pointing to a setting

I rebooted the PC and Dropbox still appears to be working okay.

A screenshot of Dropbox notifications

Q. How do I open Task Manager as an administrator?

A. If you’re not logged into an administrator account already, you can do the following:

  1. Click on the search icon in the bottom left of Windows 10.
  2. Type Task Manager.
  3. Right-click and select ‘Run as Administrator’.
  4. Type in the admin password.

Screenshot showing a listing for Task Manager

Final thoughts

This wasn’t a complicated issue and only took a short while to fix the problem.

I hope others find my blog post helpful.

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2 years ago

I have this problem, but i don’t have Zone Alarm, i tried to re-install dropbox 3 times but nothing changed