Huawei HG633 TalkTalk Router Port Forwarding Instructions

This blog post is about port forwarding with the Hauwei HG633 router supplied by TalkTalk.

I’ve got an IP network camera that I occasionally connect to the HG633, which I then access remotely via a mobile phone or tablet. I’ve done this before with other routers, but I found it especially easy to configure the HG633 router. Below I will share the simple ‘how to’ instructions.Huawei HG633 TalkTalk Router

Warning: I’m not a security expert. These instructions are purely what I did to access a network device on my home network from the internet. Don’t blame me or anyone else if something bad happens from using information on this site. Please be careful how you use port forwarding. 

How to port forward on a Huawei HG633 TalkTalk router:

  1. Open a web browser and type in the ip adddress for the router. i.e.
  2. Type in your username, password and click on ‘Log in’.HG633 Login
  3. Click on ‘Internet’ from the top menu.HG633 Internet Menu
  4. Then select ‘Port Forwarding’ from the options on the left.HG633 Port Forwarding Option
  5. Click the ‘New port mapping’ option on the right.HG633 Port Mapping
  6. Type a mapping name and then choose the option you require from the ‘Application’ drop-down list. *
  7. From the ‘Internal host’ drop-down list, select the network device you are forwarding to.HG633 Port Mapping Options
  8. When ready, select ‘Save’, and then if ready, ‘Log out’ from the top right.HG633 Save Button

* I choose ‘WebServer(HTTP)’ from the ‘Application’ list for my IP network camera.

Whenever I feel the need to test that I’ve enabled the port forwarding correctly, I do so using a different internet connection via my mobile phone.

So for my network camera, I open a web browser on my mobile, type in the ip address that the ISP has provided to my router, followed a colon and the port number the camera is using. i.e. http://93.433.321.32:80


Q. How do I find out what my router’s IP internal address is?
A. If on Windows, run a command prompt and type ipconfig/all . The ip address of the router should be the default gateway address.

Q. How do I find out what my router’s external IP address is?
A. Either log into the router and click on ‘Check my internet connection status’ or type what is my ip address into a Google search.

Q. Why won’t the HG633 admin / page area load?
A. I’ve experienced this issue specifically with the firmware v1.22t on the HG633 router, even when the internet is accessible via a computer connected to the router. At the time of writing I think there is a newer version of the firmware, but I’ve not used it.

If relying on the v1.22t version of the firmware, the only solution I know of, is to reboot the router. Then upon reboot, I’ve been able to access the admin area.

My experience with port forwarding and the HG633.
I didn’t experience any connection issues when using port forwarding with the HG633. I was able to access a network camera and control the camera remotely.

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