How I Claimed a Free Movie Rental On Rakuten TV Via Three Mobile (UK)

This blog post is about how I claimed a free online movie rental on Rakuten TV via the Three mobile phone service in the UK.

I’m using a Three PAYG sim in an unlocked second-hand phone I purchased via eBay. I installed the Wuntu application via Google Play. At the time of writing, every so often a free online movie rental has been offered to Three customers via the Wuntu mobile application.

I’ve found the movie selection to be good, and this morning I obtained another free movie rental (thanks Rakuten and Three!). I’m thinking about watching either the latest Fast and the Furious or Baby Driver tonight.

I had previously registered via the Wuntu mobile app. The application displays the latest offers. Though on this occasion I checked this site first, and at the time of writing a free movie rental offer was available.

Please note: I don’t work for Three or Rakuten and I’m not being sponsored to write this blog post. Depending on the Wuntu promotions available, there might not be a movie offer available when you try to follow my steps below.

How I claimed a free movie rental

  1. I opened the Wuntu application on my android phone.
  2. Lucky for me, there was a movie offer available ‘Catch a blockbuster…’, which I then selected.
  3. I wanted to immediately obtain the code and watch a movie this evening, so I selected ‘Use now’.
  4. Suddenly it displayed ‘Hold your horses’, but I again selected ‘Use now’ as I was eager to obtain the code.
  5. It then displayed a code in a box, which I noted down (but others might prefer to use the ‘copy code and go to site’ option.
  6. This is where I am different to some users, as I prefer to use the desktop version of Rakuten. So on my home computer, I log into the Rakuten TV website.
  7. I then visit the page:
  8. I click on ‘Redeem’.
  9. I then enter the code I noted down, and select ‘Redeem’.
  10. It confirmed I had 350 points to use.

Most people probably will do all the above steps via their mobile device, and I’m likely doing it an awkward way.

In the past I used to rent VHS tapes and DVDs from Blockbuster. Then I borrowed movies from local libraries. These days I use services such as Amazon and NowTV. This Three promotion has definitely made me aware of Rakuten TV.

I watched my last free movie rental from Rakuten TV via an old PC connected to a large television and found the quality and service to be good.

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