How to remove / withdraw a LinkedIn connection request

I wanted to remove / withdraw a LinkedIn connection request. Which luckily it is relatively easy to do. My personal reason was I didn’t want an old LinkedIn connection request outstanding for months. I’m now suggesting people request a connection with me, rather than vice versa.

  1. Click on ‘Inbox’ in the top menu.
  2. From the ‘left’ click on the ‘Sent’ option.
  3. Select the ‘Sent Invitations’ tab.
  4. Find the person you requested a connection, but who has not accepted and click on ‘Invitation to connect on LinkedIn’.
  5. Click on ‘Withdraw’.

If successful you will be shown a message similar to ‘Your invitation to X has been withdrawn. No message will be sent to X‘.

I hope you find this LinkedIn article useful, and I know I now feel more rest assured knowing there are not outstanding old requests hanging around.