How I Connected Multiple Wired Devices to a Samsung Galaxy S5 G900T Mobile Phone

This blog post is about how I connected multiple wired devices to a Samsung Galaxy S5 G900T mobile phone.

Samsung S5 G900T DisplayLink

Warning: This blog post is based upon my experience and I’m not providing recommendations or saying you can also do what I did. You are responsible for your own actions, problems and any costs! I don’t know if there are better and/or cheaper alternatives to achieve the same result. Also I’ve not tested battery usage or checked screen lag with the hardware mentioned below.

Please note: How you go about connecting devices to a Samsung S5 mobile phone depends on your requirements. What I did might not be the right solution for you and I just happened to use a docking station and cables I already had at home to connect multiple devices to my android phone. If you’re only looking to output a Samsung S5 G900T display to a HDMI, there are cheaper methods.

Last updated: 17th June 2020

Samsung S5 G900T connected cable

I’ve got a Dell D3100 docking station at home and I wondered if I could connect my mobile phone to the docking station and use a wired monitor, mouse, keyboard and headset.

So last night I connected my Samsung Galaxy S5 to the docking station and it worked! I’m not saying this is a good alternative to a laptop or desktop PC, but it wasn’t a bad experience.

Micro USB OTG Cable

A micro USB OTG cable


Here is what I did:

  1. I connected a large Liyama monitor to a Dell D3100 docking station using a HDMI lead.
  2. I connected wired USB mouse and keyboard to the docking station.
  3. I also plugged in the USB Jabra Evolve 20 headset.
  4. The Samsung S5 G900T is running LineageOS 16 and I installed the DisplayLink Presenter via Google Play.
  5. I connected an old micro USB OTG cable to the cable plugged into the dock’s USB 3.0 port.
  6. I then plugged the other end of the OTG cable into the mobile phone.
  7. I then had multiple pop-ups from the DisplayLink Presenter software and I clicked ‘OK’ when prompted.

Dell D3100

The D3100 docking station is expensive and I only used it as it happened to already be at my home! The wired network connection didn’t work and I didn’t try other ports for the sake of it. So for example, I didn’t try a 3.5mm audio connection. I couldn’t get the microphone to work on the headset, but did hear audio from the YouTube videos I watched.

Samsung S5 G900T DisplayLink YouTube

At the time of writing, I’ve literally spent an hour trying this out! The screen auto-rotated from portrait to landscape when opening the Chrome web browser, Microsoft Word and a game.

Samsung S5 G900T DisplayLink #2

I experienced no problems when using the wired keyboard and mouse with Microsoft Word. I’m not sure if there is a lag with gaming, but I wouldn’t use this set up if I was concerned about a lag.

I can imagine some people might find this topic of interest, especially if they have a compatible docking station already at home that they use with other hardware. As I mentioned earlier in this blog post, if all you want to do is output the display of a Samsung S5 G900T, there are cheaper ways to do that.

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