Free eReader Screensaver Images (Kindle)

On this page you can download free eReader screensaver images.

Each time I put together a free screensaver pack I will update this blog post with details.

If you download and use the free images, please leave a thank you comment at the end of the blog post.

Last update: 29th June 2020

Please note: In each zip file linked in this blog post, there is an image license. The image license provides copyright details and grants people non-exclusive rights to use the images as a screensaver.

The image license grants people non-exclusive rights to use the images contained within the zip files linked on this blog post.


These screensavers are meant as replacements for screensavers that come with eReaders. I own a Kindle 3rd generation e-ink tablet. You need to have already prepared your eReader to accept custom images and know where to place the images.

600×800 PNG – Seaside Pack
This pack includes six seaside related 600×800 PNG images. The images have been tested on the Kindle 3 Keyboard and they are a bit chunky, so load times are not fast, but they look great.

Kindle Seaside Screensavers

Download here.

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