Free Computer Games for your Apple, Linux and Windows computer systems

This blog post is about three free games available for Apple, Linux and Windows that I enjoy playing.

Perhaps you find yourself with a spare moment when you feel like playing a computer game, even if only for five minutes? I’ve selected a few free computer games available for Apple Mac OS X, Linux and Microsoft Windows users that you might enjoy.

Linux wise the system I’m currently using is Xubuntu, but these games work on many of the current distributions. I’ve never tried the Apple Mac OS X ports.

Frozen Bubble

Remember Puzzle Bobble? Well essentially this is a clone of the classic and you can either play by yourself or against another player. Launch the balls to match at least three colours in a row and clear the screen before you run out of room. If playing two player mode you can cause the enemy havoc with your cleared balls occasionally appearing on their screen. Addictive and fun.

Windows version:
Linux: Major linux distributions have the software in their repositories.
Mac OS X:

Pax Britannica

A simple game with stunning graphics and music, but it does become repetitive very quickly. You use just one key either on the keyboard (single player press ‘A’) or joypad to control the launching of different spaceships. You either battle against one computer or multiple human players. You circle around, launching ships and fight until you defeat the enemy. A game to play every once in a while for five minutes.

Was unable to screen capture, so took a photo! Sorry for the poor quality.

Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

2021 update: I’ve also noticed there is now an Android version of the game here.


Essentially Lemmings with Penguins instead. Not ideal for laptop users unless you have an external mouse with you. A small selection of well planned levels to keep you entertained.

Mac OS X and Windows:
Linux: linux distributions have the software in their repositories.

Do you have any cross-platform recommendations? If so let me know in the comments.

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