Equalizer you can use with Media Player Classic Home Cinema (Windows 10)

This blog post is about using an equalizer with Media Player Classic Home Cinema on Windows 10.

I was using a Trust Raina 2.1 sub-woofer speaker set and blimey is the bass amazing, but the default settings are too much for my use at home. There is no manual control for the bass directly on the subwoofer or on the other speakers, so I needed to find an equalizer for Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

I’m currently using Media Player Classic Home Cinema x64 edition to play music CDs at home, so I needed a solution that could work with that. Fortunately I found a solution that worked with the Trust speakers, Windows 10 and Media Player Classic Home Cinema.

Note: The equalizer I’m using with Media Player Classic, isn’t specifically for MPC, but for the whole sound output of Windows 10. I don’t know the equalizer software developers. I’ve not tested, but I presume you could use this equalizer with Spotify or with games.

Warning: I not responsible for any problems that occur from installing software mentioned in this blog post. You’re responsible for any problems! I’m blogging about my experience and I hope this blog post helps you.

What I installed:

  1. First I installed Equalizer APO and then rebooted the computer.
  2. Then I installed Peace (which works with Equalizer APO).

Reducing the mp3 bass
As you can see from the screenshot below, I’ve reduced the gain for frequency 83 using the Peace software.

Peters Equalizer APO Configuration Extension

The setting I’ve shown in the screenshot is a bit extreme, but with that setting the sub-woofer is hardly being used.

I’ve owned the subwoofer speaker set for a while, but due to the lack of control over the bass, I hadn’t used the speakers for a long time. I’m glad I found the equalizer software packages, which has added much needed configuration to the Trust hardware and Windows 10.

I was tempted to keep the speakers, but I’m having a clear out of items and even after using the equalizer I decided to give the speaker set to charity. There was nothing wrong with the speaker set and the sound quality was excellent, but my priorities and requirements have changed.

If it wasn’t for the clear out of items, the equalizer would have extended the use of the speaker set.

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2 years ago