Cerulian Technology N69JX 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Review

This is a review of Cerulian Technology’s product N69JX 2.4GHz wireless keyboard and mouse.

Cerulian Technology 2.4Ghz Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

I purchased the keyboard and mouse for £2 GBP at a car boot sale a short while ago. I wanted a second mouse and keyboard on my desk to use with my test bed computer and the N69JX products are ideal for my requirements.

Upon quick research it’s possible these devices were also sold by Maplin and I’ve provided a link here: https://amzn.to/31yNMDE

I hope you find my review helpful.

Underneath the devices you will see:
2.4G Wireless Multimedia Keyboard

2.4G Wireless Optical Mouse

Underneath a Wireless Mouse

Getting started
The keyboard requires two AAA batteries, as does the mouse.

Batteries in Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

If you can’t find the wireless dongle, it hopefully is still slotted into the underneath of the mouse. You remove it and then plug that into a USB port on a computer.

Underneath a Cerulian Technology Wireless Mouse

Using with Windows 10
I’m writing this blog post in June 2019 and at the time of writing, I’m experiencing no problems using the devices with Windows 10. I plugged the wireless dongle into a USB port on the back of the computer and from login to writing and using the mouse, there hasn’t been an issue. I didn’t need to manually install drivers.

Cerulian Technology Wireless Dongle

Does the Cerulian Technology 2.4GHz Wireless keyboard and mouse work with LibreElec?
For the purpose of this blog post, before I turned on a PC I plugged the wireless dongle into a PC with LibreElec 8.2.5 installed. LibreElec is a linux OS and I didn’t need to setup the devices. I was then able to use the keyboard and mouse without any issues.

Typing compared to other keyboards
I’ve used computer keyboards for many years and I write a lot, so I’ve got experience when comparing this keyboard to others. For light use, this keyboard is fine, but for those wishing to write a lot of text daily, I would look elsewhere.

Cerulian Technology 2.4Ghz Wireless Keyboard

The keyboard is a good size, but a shame the enter key isn’t larger, but I understand why it isn’t. I’m not saying it’s not an okay keyboard, I really do like it. However I do press slightly harder on the keys, compared to the keyboard I use daily.

The keyboard is perfectly acceptable when typing an email or editing a document, and for most casual keyboard users I know, this keyboard would be fine.

What about office use?
Personally I prefer a wired keyboard and mouse for office use, as less hassle with batteries. Also I think I would get fed up of the keyboard presses after a while. For those people on a keyboard and mouse most of the working day, I don’t recommend a wireless mouse and keyboard.

Side View of a Cerulian Technology N69JX Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

What office people might like about this product, is the ability to move it out of the way, without having to worry about wires. When I’m not using this keyboard, it is kept out of my way and for some people, this might be the reason for wanting to use the devices. Without the number keypad, it obviously takes up less room than many other keyboards.

What about using with a laptop?
I’ve not tried to use the devices with one of my laptops and for my requirements, there is no need. Perhaps the mouse would be useful from time to time, but for general laptop use, I’ve learnt to use trackpads etc. You can use the mouse without the keyboard being present or powered.

How I am using the Cerulian wireless keyboard and mouse
As I mentioned in the introduction, I’m using the devices with my test bed computer. The use isn’t daily and I’m not writing documents etc when i do use the devices. The N69JX wireless products take up less space than my main keyboard and mouse. I can easily move the wireless devices out of the way, when not in use and the main reason why I use the products.

N69JX Wireless Keyboard with a Cover and a Mouse

When not in use I leave the protective cover on the keyboard and sit the mouse on top of the keyboard. Both are placed on a monitor stand, which is conveniently the right size for the keyboard to sit on.

For £2 I got a great deal for a keyboard and mouse. I don’t use the devices that much, but when I do, they work as intended. I like the N69JX keyboard and mouse by Cerulian Technology.

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8 months ago

Hi, i have the exact same keyboard, can you tell me how did u connect the keyboard to your laptop? I can’t find the device when i do scan in my laptop it’s shows nothing.

Timothy Roland Gill
Timothy Roland Gill
1 month ago
Reply to  Andrew

hi my number 1 and letter z is not working, can some one help me please